As long as we have certain people in this town, my rose colored glasses have turned dark.

I have always been told that I see things in rose colored glasses.  And what’s wrong with that? I view the world and my surroundings as perfect until the evil lurking about affects me.

I cannot believe what has gone wrong with this town.  I know that many of the past officials, including Walter McKenzie did not understand what was required under the Sunshine Laws and technically, it certainly was not explained by the Attorneys.  And as a result Joe was considered the man with horns who was out to hurt the Town.  But that was not the way it was.

Transparency is an important issue and today in White Springs, we have no idea if money is being embezzled (i.e. have they really paid Kenny Hutcherson for longer than 30 days or are they feigning that expenditure and embezzling it themselves; Have they really paid Tracy for all of the months she was out on personal leave because of her accident to silence her from telling all the dirty secrets she knows.)

This has been a good question because I do not believe the council is ever apprised as to how much money is in our bank account, what we anticipate in revenues for the month and what expenditures we have.

But let’s face the fact, White Springs only maintains and retains employees who cannot find a job somewhere else.  For that reason, these employees will remain loyal and keep the dirty little secrets of the town.

And it isn’t like these employees don’t take chances because we know of two who got rid of evidence which could have put both Townsend and Rhett Bullard away. And those two respectively are Andrew Greene and Tracy Rodriquenz.

Andrew has never been too bright but is likeable by some people, especially Townsend who made him his pet employee.  Andrew could never be as tough as what his father Joe contends he did in his lifetime, so Joe pretends and protects Andrew making the stories better than the real deal.  I guess that’s a father’s pride.  But we know, Andrew would not be making the money he makes in White Springs anywhere else nor would he be provided a new SUV which was meant to be used only by firefighters and not for personal use.  But he still remains a protected class and after all with him hiding and getting rid of such evidence, it did not make the Town look bad.  Instead Townsend was never charged and the poor inmates looked as if they were not credible.  That is sad indeed.

Then we have Tracy Rodriquenz. She would never turn on Stacy Tebo for Stacy’s drug use, even though she probably knows from the deposition we showed from DeBary that Stacy mentioned other drugs she was taking.  Instead Tracy was about to blame one of her own officers, because he apparently had something terrible happen to him and thank god, the pills owner was finally determined because it would have cost the officer for no good reason.

Then there was the Rhett situation where a juvenile was caught with Rhett’s computer.  Everyone that felt they knew Rhett, said it was all a lie and it never happened.  Well, not everyone believes he is innocent because apparently the Black population has names and they know what happened.  But Tracy Rodriquenz doesn’t give a damned about the juveniles who may have difficulty later in life because of such experiences.  She did not send the computer to FDLE but rather gave it back to Rhett.

Apparently, however, John Davis, a nice young police officer who took on code Enforcement was not considered important to Tracy Rodriquenz.  He made the cardinal mistake of pointing out that Stacy Tebo and Tonja Brown could not force him into select enforcement.  His letter was brilliant and he was 100% correct under the law to have given his resignation for the code enforcement officer position which transpired only one day a week.

So even though John Davis was a good police officer and followed the rules, when he returned from paternity leave, Tracy Rodriquenz fired him.  Now we know it was not because he did not perform his job well so the only belief we have is that it was retaliation for him to complain about Stacy Tebo and Tonja Brown.

The problem also stemmed from councilor and former Mayor Helen Miller asking if an investigation would be made into Tonja Brown’s interference in John Davis’s performance of his code enforcement position.  Mayor Spencer Lofton said he alone, out of the sunshine, with no recorded notes and no notices of such a hearing, made the decision himself that Tonja Brown was not guilty for a crime in which I believe was much larger than the Helen Miller alleged crime of asking.  As a result, Joe Griffin warned Spencer Lofton that a complaint to the Commission on Ethics would be forthcoming on Lofton and Tebo.   That was received from the Commission stipulating they would be investigating the charge, the same day that John Davis was fired.   How nice of Tracy Rodriquenz to just tell him, before going on vacation, that he either had to resign or be fired.  She did not stick up for him even though her prior boss and chief Brookins stuck up for her or she would not have been working in White Springs.  I have no more respect for this woman who has no longer, if ever, the background or education to be a police chief.

We now have sent an ethics complaint on Tonja Brown.

We also know that Anita Rivers was very intelligent but Stacy Tebo did not trust her because she was a friend of Helen Miller who Stacy disliked and admitted her dislike at the hearing.  Also, when Anita Rivers fought for her first amendment rights and wished the law to be followed, Stacy Tebo elected to work very hard with Pam Tomlinson, another looser who does not know how to do her finance job, to find some type of fault on Rivers, so they could fire her.  It was mentioned that Ms. Rivers was speaking like Joe Griffin.  In my opinion, that too was retaliation for Ms. Rivers pointing out how poor a manager Stacy Tebo was and that Ms. Tebo could not even control Pam Tomlinson to stop being rude to Rivers and all the customers who would dare ask her questions or wish information.

Tracy Rodriquenz also had a part in Anita’s firing.  She was a friend of Anita or so she told Anita that and acted like a friend, possibly to get information.  But when it came down to a deposition, Tracy couldn’t say a bad thing about Stacy Tebo and basically could not admit a friendship with Rivers nor the fact that Stacy treated Rivers poorly.  But we are used to Tracy being a liar and it has been a continual problem.  I couldn’t even begin to count the lies she told on the Town’s behalf about Joe and I so I have nothing for her.  All she did after bringing her husband’s friend from the Navy on board to get Joe, was to celebrate that Joe was not elected to the council.  Then we called her out when she tried showing big tears for Helen Miller when she was removed from her seat at the Quasi Judicial Hearing.   You just cannot trust Tracy Rodriquenz.  She lies continually but she is a great friend of Tonja Brown’s and kisses Stacy Tebo’s feet so she can remain Chief.  And I am certain Helen Miller may feel badly about it because she and Nikki Williams placed their faith in Tracy.  But although I did not warn Helen, I did tell Nikki that I knew Tracy was a liar and that her being at Nikki’s bedside at one time was just to get information.  Tracy is not a good person and will use everyone and that probably included Fouraker who ran after her like a puppy dog.

Tracy, like Rhett use the fact that they are attractive and will make you believe that they are the greatest friends you can have and make you believe they are on your side.  At least they have that in common.  Stacy, again is like a Bull Moose and certainly can never smile.

What I do not understand is why the voters in this Town vote for losers like Spencer Lofton who treated the children in the H.O.P.E. program badly and who stole food from them by bringing it home so his children could have a special birthday party.  Spencer is considered a lady’s man and definitely uses that so called gift, but only to people who are as mindless as Tonja Brown.

Then there is Tonja Brown, who has been on welfare all of her life and who has never worked on the outside.  Originally she did not wish Stacy to be our Town manager because of Stacy’s suing DeBary but I am certain Rhett and Willie talked her into it.  She spends all of her time with Stacy because it makes her feel bigger than just her Vice Mayor position because her friend is an educated Masters in Public Administration.  This way Tonja feels intelligence is rubbing on her and she is then better than the rest.

No I never believed in my short lifetime in White Springs that things could become far worse; but since Rhett Bullard was made Mayor, the employees as well as the voted in councilors with the exception of McKenzie and Miller have become far worse.

They do not even believe that we need a Fire Department and they do not care that they are spending all our tax money on Steve Stith and Andrew Greene just so Stith could house his Century Ambulances in White Springs.  This is why we need a recall of Tonja Brown and Rhett Bullard.  We need to fire Stith and Greene from the Fire Department and get in real firefighters.  Once that happens we can do what other communities do and that is have spaghetti dinners, pancake breakfasts, Halloween parties, etc. where funds can be secured for the Fire Department and bring all the citizens of White Springs together.

Also maybe, the women’s center or Community Center could be open to the public so the seniors could have a place to visit and enjoy each other’s company.  We do nothing for our citizens and this would be a special treat for those who are alone.  We could even volunteer meals and I am certain the community and PCS would help us with the funding and/or food.

We have to do something because as long as we have Rodriquenz as a police chief, Tonja and Rhett as Councilors, Lofton as our Mayor and Stacy Tebo as our Manager, no one is safe.  No one will stand up for firefighters or police no matter how good they are and there will be no incentives because all of the money will go to these people who are not worth the Town’s time.


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