My buddy over at the SRWMD told me Ol’e Fire Marshal Grenne is out of town somewhere in the pan handle. No wonder he didn’t answer he’s not even here. I wonder if he told Chief Stith or anybody on WSVFD or city hall? probably not I am guessing. So if he’s out of town you know damn well Dominque ain’t coming. You know what’s funny is several concerned citizens have reported sightings of Stith and his wife out walking around in the evenings. If his sorry ass can take a leisurely stroll around town why cant his sorry ass show up for a fire. and If Fire Marshal Green is out of town the least he could do is tell someone him and Dominque aren’t coming. or they could just quit you know its not fun for him no more since he quit townhall and they took the red car away from his sorry ass.

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  1. Its also nice to see the professionalism or the lack there of i mean one shows while in uniform when Andrews wife can us profanity towards a citizen of the town telling that citizen very loudly to an i quote “Go Fuck Yourself ” this is what Steve allows his people to do to totally disrespect an us profanity towards people of this town she showed her true colors. Remove thie person from the department immediately for unprofessional conduct.

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