Andrew answered a fire call…What!!!???


Holy shit Little baby joe joe answered a call for the fire department.   Holy cow its a freaking miracle.   The only reason he did because he was visiting his daddy. Oh but wait.   Did his dumb ass wife say they didn’t have radios to talk with? But yet he  used a radio. What a liar she is.   Get rid of these jackasses.

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  1. Joe Griffin your full of yourself! Of course a radio was used being they were in a fire unit! Stop acting like a ten year old calling such names very childish but, coming from you what’s to be expected! I believe two calls were responded to this evening not one but 2! Listen closer to your scanner!

    1. 2 calls in 4 years. Boy are we lucky. Not to mention the expense of the SUV fir three years. BornandRaised is a flake. I’ve lived in town 20 years now so I feel confident I know most, not all but most of Andrew’s foibles. Not the least of which was poisoning my prize goat. Andrew, and as far as I am concerned, his whole family is a bunch of lying dogs.

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