Just FYI I am going to assume that the response from Toby on the White Springs Journal page is Toby Witt the EMS Director for Hamilton County and County Commissioner in Columbia County. As far as the double-dipping issue, this is very easy to settle. Hamilton EMS and the Town need to provide a schedule of personnel, by name, listing the days they worked EMS and were paid by EMS and days they worked as volunteers and were paid by the Town for staffing the Fire Department then simply do a comparison. This is reasonable and would settle the issue. The reluctance to provide this information and be forthcoming one can only assume where there is smoke there is fire, no pun intended. The discussion about radios for the Fire Department is kind of mute. The WSFD Volunteers have E-Dispatch which is an app on their smartphones that allows them to hear Hamilton County Dispatch tone outs and radio traffic for calls. They can call via phone and advise dispatch if they are responding. Hamilton County Fire radios do not work in Lake City, Callahan, Alachua, Ft White, Lawty and all of the other places the volunteers live. The Fire Station and all of the firetrucks have radios. Just another deflection from the issue of where these volunteers live.
When did the Town Manager and Fire Chief get the power to make an arbitrary decision to pay volunteers $100 per day to staff the Fire Station as Tebo started last night in the meeting? Don’t financial decisions need council approval?
Why were the Mayor and Vice-Mayor circumvented since the Council was reformed and Miller reinstalled as Mayor to sign checks by having the Police Chief sign off?
Why won’t Tebo, Stith, or Pam produce the information Walter has requested for 3 months on how far away each of the volunteers live? Here is how you do it; have one of the listed people with the G14 classified access to the super-secret home addresses of the volunteers, use Google maps put in the home address of each volunteer and the address of the White Springs Fire Station and wallah!! driving time and mileage. Real hard to do. I can only deduce they won’t do it because they know how bad it looks.

The Council better grow a pair and rain Tebo in.
A Loyal Reeder

JOE’S COMMENTS – We have tried to get this information from both the Hamilton County EMS and the Town of White Springs via 119 request. So far no luck. I believe they are hiding something, like double dipping by the EMS people and the Town of White Springs. Again I don’t understand what is so wrong with following the law?

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