You wish to be credible Council Members; then review and hear Joe Griffin’s complaint

It may shown some Credibility on Spencer Lofton’s part if he would just follow the law and adhere to the United States Bill of Rights relating to a citizen’s right to expressing their grievances.

The reason the Tonja Brown case of meddling in the affairs of our Code Enforcement Officer was as important  to many of us is because, we never heard what Tonja had to say about the matter.  We did receive a statement from Officer Davis in his resignation letter but Ms. Brown NEVER explained why Helen Miller’s actions were considered “Malfeasance” and her actions were not.  What is the difference.

Now when we met with Mayor Lofton, he stated that he never used the word “investigation” nor did he say that he discussed this with Tonja Brown and Stacy Tebo; rather he stated he discussed the matter only with John Davis.   I then must have been hallucinating when I wrote in my notes about Helen Miller’s inquiry, and the words that he investigated by speaking with Tonja and Stacy.  He was difficult to hear, somewhat lowering his voice but we wonder why more than one of us heard the term “investigation”.  I have never heard the word “fact finding” ever uttered out of Mayor Lofton’s mouth which is what is acceptable under the Sunshine Laws,; but nevertheless, this is what Mayor Lofton should do whether there is a suit or not.   Someone Tampered with the tapes and that probably was Pam on behalf of Mayor Lofton and possibly Tonja Brown.

  1. Place Joe Griffin’s Complaint on Tonja Brown on the Agenda
  2. Bring up Joe Griffin’s original complaint relating to Tonja Brown interfering with a Staff person’s job. In other words, read the complaint to the council members.
  3. Have a discussion among council members including questions of Tonja Brown regarfding the statements made by Code Enforcement Officer John Davis.
  4. Make a determination, based upon the council’s discussions, Tonja’s responses and Stacy Tebo’s admissions, whether Tonja Brown committed malfeasance of office by the Council’s votes. There should never be a concern with  a Gang of Three vote; however, in this case, Ms. Brown should remove herself from a vote as Helen Miller did.  That would mean Lofton and Bullard versus Miller and McKenzie on the voting block.


It is sickening to see so many people have to tamper, lie, steal, etc in one administration.  Not only that, it has hurt our budgets immensely just because certain people are protected and the rest are not.  It is really tiring and the sooner the Commission starts going through these complaints entirely so that a decision may be made, the better.  It just seems to get worse every day and I have never seen so many violations of the law, one after the other.  And, when you think it is all over, then someone apprises you of another infraction.  What a nefarious group of individuals.


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