Trump Turns Russia Summit Into Quick American Win in spite of what he incorrectly said

Trump Turns Russia Summit Into Quick American Win

Although the embarrassing and failed “Russian Reset” by Hillary Clinton during the Obama Administration was hailed as a great effort by the biased media, Pres. Donald J. Trump has faced a firestorm.

The D.C. swamp has been a hotbed of criticism against the president for doing exactly what the previous three administrations tried — normalize relations with Russia. Only Pres. George W. Bush had even minor success working with Russian strongman Pres. Vladimir Putin in the War on Terror. Since Obama took office, relations with the superpower that has a stockpile of more than 4,300 nuclear warheads has only gotten worse.

Some experts say that relations between the two countries are at their worst since the Cold War, and fire has been reportedly been exchanged in the Middle East. Russia backs Syrian Pres. Assad and has open channels with America’s hated enemy, Iran. Things are bad, and Washington elites seem to prefer a third world war to biting the bullet and opening diplomacy.

Despite the political advantages to denouncing Putin and his KGB spies, Pres. Trump has put American security first. It would be America’s sons and daughters losing their lives over a misstep in the Middle East or a NATO ally firing the first shot. To that end, the president has already earned a quick national security win by meeting with Pres. Putin in Helsinki.

Trump Prompts Putin To Contain Iran

It’s no secret that Iran has vowed to wreak havoc on the United States, and advocates atrocities against Israel. The radical Islamic extremists leading the rogue nation have been covertly placing troops in Syria.

Iranian and Hezbollah radicals have been disguising their activities by dressing as Syrian soldiers. They have been working their way toward the border of Jordan and Israel and all indications are they want to spread an already horrific war. Pres. Trump has secured a handshake deal with Putin to curb the bad intentions of Iran. This comes as a 180-degree change in Russia’s policy.

“The U.S. has a major interest as well in preventing Iran’s Hezbollah forces from deploying in Syria and in Yemen. The U.S. has an interest in preventing Russia from taking over Syria. … [T]he physical deployment of Iranian-controlled forces along the Syrian-Israeli border and the Syrian-Jordanian border all but ensures a major war between Israel and these forces — including Syrian military forces, which are also controlled by Iran,” Middle Eastern journalist Caroline Glick reported.

“It raises the likelihood of a Jordanian war with these same forces to an unprecedented level. The Iranian-Israeli war will spread to Lebanon, which is controlled by Iran through Hezbollah. It can easily spread to Gaza as well, given Iran’s sponsorship of the Hamas terror regime that rules the area,” she reported.

Had Pres. Trump not secured this vital commitment from the Russian president, the United States would be faced with engaging Iranian soldiers directly with Israel on the battlefield or yielding land such as Gaza. Putin’s willingness to rein in Iran also demonstrates to North Korea that the United States has the international presence to pull even major rivals such as Russia to its cause.

“The south of Syria should be brought to the full compliance with the treaty of 1974, about the separation of forces — about separation of forces of Israel and Syria” Russian Pres. Putin said after the summit. “This will bring peace to Golan Heights, and bring [a] more peaceful relationship between Syria and Israel, and also to provide security of the state of Israel.”

Why Putin Favored Trump In 2016 Election

The Russian strongman has consistently said two things about the 2016 elections: he wanted Trump to win and he didn’t meddle in the elections. At least one of those statements is true.

Putin and the Russians would like nothing better to build normal relations with the United States and open trade. The massive country suffers economic stagnation despite vast natural resources. U.S.-led sanctions have hindered Russian prosperity.

Putin has been in office long enough to be a realist about economics. He’d rather trade than fight. A Trump win opened a new chapter that could change the hotly adversarial relationship to one of business. Of course Putin wanted Trump to win.

In term of meddling, all countries spy and meddle. The U.S. has the CIA, Russia has the KGB, the U.K. has MI6 and on and on.

“We all do it. What we need to do is make sure our electoral process is protected,” Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul recently said. “They’re not going to admit it in the same way we’re not going to admit we were involved in the Ukrainian elections or the Russian elections.”

Everyday Americans are not naïve enough to think only the Russians are getting their hands dirty. The Russians meddled like everyone else. But they don’t cast votes and didn’t alter the tally.

America’s sons and daughters are one step further away from war today. Radical Islamic extremism is again put in check and Democrats are calling it “treason.” At the end of the day, Pres. Trump scored a quick win by meeting with Putin and that could be parlayed into a trade deal that benefits American workers.

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