It’s Nice to be Pompous and Pious when sitting back and doing nothing (Karin’s heading not Joe’s)

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From: Arthur Natteal <>
Date: Sun, Jul 22, 2018 at 8:54 AM
Subject: Re: Morning Joe
To: Joe Griffin <>

Morning Joe, I spoke with the Mayor, he showed me messages you sent him, i like to say i was offended of some of the words you used. Give honor to whom honor is due. Sometime we forget whats really important the mayor serve in the military just like you did. You may not like the man but we respect the office they hold. I expected more from you Joe, cause if anybody should understand unity it should be you being a veteran. I’m sending you some picture to help you to remember who you are, we flight together for a cause. In this case we trying to build a community, not trying to destroy it. With citizen that say they love the community they live in.

By Jessie R. Box Jul 19, 2018  White Springs citizen Joe Griffin informed the White Springs Town Council of his intent to sue the town again at the July 10 meeting. Since moving to White Springs in 1999, Joe Griffin has filed 20 lawsuits against White Springs prior to this suit.

From the looks of it Joe seem to me you not trying to build the community look like you trying to destroy it. If you really cared for the community you drop the lawsuit and invest your money into the community programs that support the community like after school program, food panties, meal on wheel or something. So you could attach your name to something that positive, so when you are dead the people could say Joe Griffin is remember for a builder of the community.
On Wed, 7/11/18, Joe Griffin <> wrote:

Subject: Re: Morning Joe
To: “Arthur Natteal” <>
Date: Wednesday, July 11, 2018, 1:20 PM

GOOD Morning Arthur, I don’t
want to sue the city but they held a meeting between Spencer
and Tonja out of the sunshine and then bragged about it at a
Council Meeting. All investigative inquires must be done in
the Sunshine. Its in the book, the Government in the
Sunshine Manual and in a Supreme Court Ruling. I am giving
them an opportunity to correct the mistake before I file.
All they have t o do is do the investigation over this time
in the Sunshine. They could do it at a regular council
meeting. But no,, Spencer and Tonja are so full of
themselves that they won’t even possibly admit they
messed up.
If you have
any pull with then have them hold the meeting in the
sunshine. I don’t want to spend the $10,000.00 dollars
but I’m tired of all of this in the darkness government.
If I win they will have to pay my legal bills. It’s
money the town doesn’t have.
Do you want a copy of the rough
suit? Be glad to send you one so that you can see how
foolish they are being. The law and the attorney are on my
side. The corruption in town will have to cease and this is
the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to do it. It is
a slam dunk. Plus I get to complain about Rhett (aka Rhatt)
and the town attorney to the Florida Bar for violation of
Fla. Bar Ethic Rules 4-1 (d). I’ve been at this 18 1/2
years and the corruption hasn’t gotten any less, in fact
it has gotten worse. The pattern never changes until the
Rhatt dies.
GriffinCitizen Activist
On Wed, Jul 11, 2018 at
8:11 AM, Arthur Natteal <>

Joe are you suing the city and

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  1. Arthur, you know so little about the town that it is scary. In the 18 and 1/2 years I’ve been fighting for open government we’ve had five mayors, and who knows how many council members. Not a one, nary a one, has believed in Open Government. This is despite lawsuits, citizen complaints, complaints to third party authorities, etc. I wish I had $10.00 for each time a erstwhile citizen told me to support the town. I’d be rich. A lot of fair weather friends of the power structure have besmirched my name and actions. BUT NO BODY HAS STOOD UP FOR OPEN GOVERMENT. You and Spencer have been crying discrimination for so long that you can’t see the forest for the trees. Spencer says my words are discriminatory. You seem to make the same accusation. I believe Spenser is dumb, I believe Spencer is ignorant and doesn’t want to Open Up the Government. And he is a Black man a fact he takes pride in. That’s what I said. I’m sorry you are offended by the Truth as I see it. So much for Open Government. I believe and pray every night that the State comes in and shuts us, the town, down. At least get rid of all of the Corruption and Spencer is now part of the corruption along with Tonja, Rhett and most of the other Council members past and present.

    Discrimination my fanny. 18 1/2 years of unfounded lies and misstatements about me and now Karin. I’m tired of it. If Spencer wants me not to file the law suit have him have an open meeting to discuss my concerns. But he won’t will he? No he won’t and that makes him ignorant and so at his own choosing. Open up the government. Give unto the government what is the government. Keep your pious and demented criticisms about me to yourself. I’ve been to a real seminary, a three year seminary where you had to live there. And what I learned there is that the organized Christian faith is near as corrupt as the town of White Springs. Pious do “gooders” who wear their religion like a coat of fine linen. Wake up. We’re fixing to lose the town and you do “gooders” are to blame.

    Joe Griffin
    Citizen Activist

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