Action only Minutes vs. Live Streaming, vs. Actual minutes like we had before!

Walter McKenzie indicate there were complaints from Citizens that our meeting minutes are nothing but a repeat of an agenda.  This has been going on for two years.  There is no reporting of committees; no reporting of special events, and Councilor McKenzie stated he would like to see our minutes get back to writing and posting like we did previously.

Stacy said that she was told because of the legal possibility of minutes being misconstrued that by law the Town only needs “Action Only Minutes”.  Councilor McKenzie told Ms. Tebo that none of our other Town Managers wrote up minutes like she has since she has come here.  He would like to see the minutes describe what was done instead of an agenda.

Helen Miller then discussed streaming the meetings live on the Website.  If we streamed it live there could be no poor communications or  miscommunications.  Councilor Miller felt that it is time that we used technology.

It was decided that Mayor Lofton will handle the investigation of how we may use streaming on our website and the citizens on the floor gave him some ideas including the court system. Walter McKenzie intends to investigate the written minutes situation.

Since I had never heard of “Action only Minutes”, I tried to find something in the statutes.  The only thing I found was if someone provides live meetings on the website, meeting minutes must also be produced in writing.  I will keep searching but “Action only Minutes” seems like an unbelievable name…one which is not familiar to anyone but Manager Tebo.   Oergaos Councilor McKenzie may be luckier than I and find the “Action only” Minutes information by the State.

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Minutes, also known as minutes of meeting (abbreviation MoM), protocols or, informally, notes, are the instant written record of a meeting or hearing. They typically describe the events of the meeting and may include a list of attendees, a statement of the issues considered by the participants, and related responses or decisions for the issues.

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