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Where did all the money go?  We never hear anything about that from Stacy Tebo, visa ve Helen Miller’s request for how the fuel tax funds were spent since they were not spent for transportation…since we have all those potholes for at least a couple of years.  Helen Miller advised it was improper to move $13,579 130 days after the audit to pay attorney fees.  She also advised of the violation of the state statute transferring money from the Fuel Tax fund to Machinery and Equipment to which Mayor Lofty of course offered to investigate.

Helen Miller also inquired about Resolution 18-02 for which nothing was done.Miller complained that Stacy Tebo did not provide the Agenda Cover Sheet which is required and without a cover sheet it cannot be brought to the council for an approval.

Speaking of Mayor Lofty, since it was on the agenda and it was expected that he would have to secure council permission to office in Town Hall; no permission was secured.  Instead he already is sharing an office Monday, Wednesday and Friday so all the citizens and constituents can come by and see him from 9:00 am to 10:00 am on those three days.  Wow for an important man who believes he is so superior to the Weak Form of Mayor responsibilities. And then if he receives something, he so called investigates it himself and comes back with a negative answer that something cannot be done.

Good ole Mayor Lofty explained his wife told him that his house is not his office and that is why he needs an alternate office.  I guess he has just a flood of citizens who believe in him, not!

The Boat Ramp project will be completed November 8th per Stacy Tebo.  And they are installing the transfer switch on the Generator at Town Hall.

The council needs to adopt the new millage Rate for the Town and although it was scheduled for the 31st for the Department of Revenue, the School board is having their  meeting on the same night, August 31st.

There have been five people who have signed on for the Economic Advisory Committee including Tom Moore, Carol Stob and Kathy Bender.

Our Town Attorney had an emergency and could not attend our June 10th meeting.  Councilor Walter McKenzie asked why then there was not a substitute attorney who would show up in Karen Hatton’s place. No good answer was given but my guess is no attorney with good ethics would like to come to White Springs and hear our illicit business.

Thomas Bryczek will be bringing the Prisoners over to cut the grass on the roadways.

Hamilton County Development Authority and Florida Tourism have placed a video  for all to see at the HCDA website per Walter McKenzie.

Walter McKenzie suggested that we discuss the different departments of the Town at the July 17th Budget Workshop, not as an inquisition but to resolve any problems we may have..Mayor lofty gave his reluctance to such an idea because is opposed to staying late.  He’s such an important man you know.

Helen Miller thanked Stacy Tebo and Pam Tomlinson for their assistance with her scholarship to attend the Florida League of Cities Conference in Hollywood FL for which her transportation will be paid.Relative to the hiking community for the Gateway Community, the library will provide stickers to those involved.   But the Library is not open Saturday and Sunday.  how can they do anything for Hikers on the weekends?  That has to change.


You all have a good day, and if you are not upset yet with what is happening among your elected officials, well…I guess there is no hope for you.  As for the rest of you attend the July 17th Budget Workshop meeting which begins, I believe at 5:00 pm.  Pam Tomlinson was off today so no one knows for certain if it starts at 4:00 pm or 5:00 pm.


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