August 11th “Bloom where you are planted” will be held at the Community Center and Amphitheater

B Faithful Coker reminded everyone that the Students in Hamilton County’s art contest will be coming to a close on August 11th.

An August 11th concert will be held at the Amphitheater from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm.  The Community Center will be open as well with projectors so that those who cannot handle the elements will have a place to sit in air conditioning.

There will be vocalists, musicians, a theatrical production, a comedy show and a school fashion show of what is good and what is bad to wear to school.   There will be four to five vendors on the premises and Madeline and Tom Moore are helping with the food vedors.  Lake City Honor Roll is included and White Springs is co-sponsoring the event.

So then when B Faithful Coker asked if the Town would donate the Community Center and the Amphitheater, Vice Mayor Tonja Brown objected and said what would the other people who we charge for events think if we give it for this event free.  Walter McKenzie indicated that first of all we are sponsors and secondly, this is for a charity.  The vote for allowing  the Community Center to be donated at no charge was 4-1 with Tonja Brown objecting.

The Theme is “Bloom where you are planted”  will be used.

The 21st Century Grant through the Department of Education can be used by all schools which are performing poorly. A letter needs to be submitted from the School and we need someone from White Springs to do that so we can have an after school program in White Springs rather than taking the students to Lake City.    B Coker has provided 67 pages to Stacy Tebo before the July 10th meeting.

Spencer Lofton decided that he would like to be in the Number Two spot rather than being the one to work on this so Tonja Brown who has not had an education and has never hardly worked decided to be in the number one spot….so Stacy will  have to help her immensely if anything will ever be done.


Karin Griffin for the blog

P.S.  I know I shall have to speak to Ms. Coker personally, but initially I told her I may be able to assist her with the Art projects.  But understanding that Mayor Lofton and Tonja Brown of whom I do not have a lot of respect for are working that closely with Ms. Coker, I do not believe I can do it.  In my opinion these two speak a good story but when it comes to their handling and caring of Children, I believe they lack.   I have placed presentations in Lake City on writing and Art but to work especially with Tonja Brown won’t cut it, especially after her discussion with the school students on it not being necessary to have an education….What????  I am sorry that I have to do this because when I give my word…and it was contingent on my hip being healed after surgery, I do what I promise.  If it were Nikki Williams I would do it.  But when the conditions change, I cannot do it .


Karin for the blog

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