So much for internal controls. We are worse off than we have ever been

Today or any day, if you call Town Hall no one will answer. We placed what we think our water bill was for July in the drop slot, not receiving a new revised billing, but our Town Manager told us to call the persons who deposited the checks. And who would that be? We no longer have Amanda Bruce, We no longer have Cynethia Williams-McKire; We no longer have Bev Brazil; We no longer have Yvonne Bryant and the situation at Town Hall has never been as bad as it is today. And if I allow Joe to go in to Town Hall when it may be open, I have to go in with him for fear Tommie Jones will trump another criminal complaint against him and we know how Chief Rodriquenz hates us and would lie in favor of Jones and make her Lieutenant do so also.

I don’t ever want to hear anyone complain about Rhett Bullard or Stacy Tebo. Yes they believed Ken Daniels our CPA and spent all your loft money but they have never done what Helen Miller has now done to this Town with the help of Nikki Williams and Anita Rivers, none of whom were elected in this last election. And Helen Miller won the election the prior term by four (4) votes.

The Town of White Springs officials keep talking about their internal controls but what is interesting is that we don’t even have an employee as a Town manager, but a Consultant, whose interest is in his own business and not that of the Town. He resigned his position but at the time could access all of our computers remotely, and instead of returning his credit card said he was going to cut it up but being as he rescinded that resignation the next day, I am certain he retained it and that isn’t usual. He doesn’t believe in transparency and thus does not have to provide public records because he has stated even in his rescinding letter that Mayor Miller had no right to make him the custodian, which by Law he is, since he has taken over the Town Manager position.

Since he has worked on all the Town’s security, and has all of his own security codes, plus the ability to go into the Town’s computer system remotely, what Security does the Town have at this point? There are no guarantees and the Town has placed itself in a position they will never get out of unless FDLE comes into Town but of course that will never happen. Why would Helen Miller do that? She wants to be the savior of the Town but let’s face it she placed us in this mess with her friends Anita Rivers and Nikki Williams, who never were really elected but appointed. Helen Miller’s political office is more important to her than making certain the Town is run appropriately. She made certain that Tommie Jones was a consultant so he would not have to fill out an application, not get a background check from former employers and verification of his criminal history nor was he required to take a drug test. That is as radical as hell and she obviously is a Leftist Radical Democrat doing this to our Town. Now those close to her wanted us to make statements to the Commission on Ethics for Anita Rivers and Chief Rodriquenz and frankly we are done with doing her bidding. If she wants something done, she needs to contact FDLE and write as strong of a letter as she wrote on Joe and I stating we needed to be in prison for our blog. The letter which we had on the blog to the Attorney General was weak if she, as an official, really wanted something done, but alas, she was too afraid she would be thrown off her council seat again so she let Karen Hatton write it. And Karen Hatton didn’t have a clue on what to ask and how to write the letter so as to the Attorney General they asked why she would write when the Law had already been broken. The way our elected officials have been handling your money is an absolute sham. And you have let them do it without a complaint.

Karin for the blog


Please accept this email as my official notification to the town of white Springs council of severing all ties and responsibilities as Town Manager. All signature authority and credit cards have been shredded. I will contact Chrissy Cribbs of First Federal to confirm the termination of all my access to every financial account for which I had signing authority.

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  1. Joe received a note from Tommie Jones after four days and advised he has our check but it was not signed (endorsed) . This was totally my fault (Karin) and I will go by Town Hall tomorrow to execute the check. Usually since we are with First Federal they would call us and ask if they can put it through, but never the less, this is my mess which I will correct. I’m glad he contacted us.

    1. In looking at my carbon copy, it appears I did not sign the check. I had Joe advise Mr. Jones I would be in and to apologize on my behalf for the inconvenience. I came to Town Hall at around 10:45 to sign the check even though First Federal would let it go through or call us, but the office was CLOSED. The lights were out and obviously this shutting of the office is a game to Mr. Jones. I haven’t ever done this before but nevertheless, I was willing and able to go in but it appears it wasn’t important to him…………. Karin

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