You didn’t feel what they did to Helen is right, McKenzie. You surely must know what was done to our firefighters isn’t right! It is time you fought the good fight.

I am not picking on you Walter McKenzie, but you have been on the council for decades and it is time you served the people  and gave the people what they want and need.

Yes, there are many here who could not afford homeowners or fire insurance and windstorm on their homes and if there is a fire, it places them into poverty.  You took an oath to work with the people and if the rest of the council does not wish to do what is right, it is time to call the Attorney General of the State and we will work on the recalls.   Stacy does not know what she is doing in the area of the fire department so the council should be in charge of the firefighters and the police; not Stacy.

So please do something; this has gone too far.  You have the power to handle this in spite of what the others are doing…so please help the community.  Go to the Attorney General.  Get our Town back.  If Mayor Lofton assists you that would be great but the odds are he will stick with Bullard and Brown.


Karin for the blog

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