WS Councilors too afraid to admit we do not have a fire department and too afraid to speak up for the people

I am and continue to be disappointed with our White Springs Council.  Yes it is our Town Manager who is supposed to supervise all individuals who accomplish a service to the Town of White Springs but it is up to the White Springs Town Council to set policies and these policies include providing White Springs with a Fire Department and Mutual Aid.
In our Town Charter, The Council directs the Police Chief in that any hiring or termination of our Police Chief is in the hands of the Town Council.  Yet, our Charter has never been corrected to include the Fire Department Chief in the same context.  Instead I am told by a council member, it is up to interpretation.
In both areas, Police and Firefighters, each requires a special education which neither the Council nor the Town Manager have.  In both professions, it takes special individuals who have a passion to place themselves in harm to protect people and property.
Last night we had a show of individuals on a roster who live in Lake City and beyond. The Sheriff’s  call report shows where our WSFD does not and cannot respond and as for fires, the Genoa FD responds.
With the Sheriff’s Call Report, locations of where each of the firefighters reside, and the time frames for response, you would think the WS Council would understand that what White Springs has is a fake fire department meaning names on a roster, but no one who will respond.  It is the DUTY of the Town Council to provide a Fire Department and since former Chief Pittman left, our Town has been WITHOUT A FIRE DEPARTMENT.
What will it take Councilors for you to realize WHITE SPRINGS DOES NOT HAVE A FIRE DEPARTMENT only a roster of individuals who mainly live 30 plus minutes away.


Thank you Hamilton County Board of Commissioners and Mr. Land for providing us with your EMS. The EMT’s have saved many lives and have continually responded, along with the WSPD where the WSFD has not.


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