On June 12th the town has been requested to hold a quasi-judicial hearing on a matter affecting one of the Council members.

Joe Griffin godforjoe@gmail.com

9:01 PM (0 minutes ago)

to slofton, Rhett, Helen, Walter, Tonja, Stacy
`The charge is malfeasance and or misfeasance in office by one Councilmember Tonja Brown. It is my intention to question each of the Council members with the exception of Mr. Lofton (Lofty) about the recent quasi-judicial action taken by the Council against one Helen Miller. Ms. Tebo will be questioned extensively about the “charges” she alleged against Mrs. Miller. I have sent a separate request for testimony by Karin Hatton, town attorney to answer questions about the Equal Justice provisions of the 4th and 14th Amendments to the U.S, Constitution. Each of your swearing in oaths will be covered in total.
If you have a problem with testifying as a witness please inform me soonest . Additionally you are a judge and a member of the Jury. If the Judges, all five of them, vote to disallow a line of questioning for any reason and for any witness and if it is your intention to seek such a ruling please advise me so that I can hire an attorney to plea my complaint.
I will only accept the exact same procedures you used in the Helen Miller finding.
Thank you,
Joe Griffin
Citizen Activist.

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