Why we are complaining all the time

You probably have been wondering, what has Joe been complaining about?  The Council is a quasi -judicial body and is required to review any complaints and make a decision.  To dismiss such complaints when each pertains to specific laws for which the officials have taken oath is illegal.  Yet Rhett Bullard our current mayor feel he is above the law and has escaped discipline because of 3/2 votes so what the Ethics committee had to say and the FL Bar stating his handling should be reported to Ethics is merely mute.  Rhett Bullard does as he wishes.

  • Public safety and protection of the environment is a primary goal; yet excuses are made that we do not have any money to enforce the Zoning Code even though it is Ms. Tebo’s responsibility and she can take every Monday off to be at her permanent residence in Orange City.   Enforcement makes money and the Statutes require such.
  • Tonja Brown has stipulated that the Town does not have to listen to any Citizen Complaints made by Joe Griffin, demonstrating a pattern of beliefs and behavior which does not support democracy. Willie Jefferson verbally does not understand that the Town of White Springs must comply with the Town Charter and he and Ms. Brown, along with Rhett Bullard have dismissed all complaints as invalid even though Robert’s Rules of Order provide for the Redress of Grievances which appertains to law.
  • Mayor Rhett Bullard indicated we are a small Town and could pick and choose whether Robert’s Rules of Order may be implemented even though our Charter indicates such Rules of Order must be followed. Upon bring such to Mayor Bullard’s attention; he specified “You want us to admit that we are not following the law”.
  • Rhett Bullard misuses his Public Position in bad faith and is guilty of malfeasance for not following or not requiring his employees to obey the Constitution and the Laws of the State of Florida.
  • Our Town charter states that a Manager need not be a resident of the Town or the State of Florida at the time of appointment and may reside outside of the Town while in office WITH APPROVAL OF THE COUNCIL. Tebo lives near a golf course in Lake City with her permanent residence in Orange City.  By the council not approving Ms. Tebo’s living conditions and approving hat she may have every Monday off, she is in breach of her contract as well as the Town Charter.  Yet, Mayor Bullard does not remedy this but rather makes such excuses that Ms. Tebo has had doctor’s appointments every Monday for over a year.  Her absence by working only a four day week constitutes a violation in the Town Charter, and lack of fulfillment of her position as stipulated by contract. Mr. Bullard refuses to obey the Charter nor will he require the necessary votes to rectify this problem.


Prior to this time, there have been violations of the Sunshine Law requiring transparency and bring forth agenda items at meetings rather than discussing such in the darkness. There have been written documents by Former Attorney Kennon and former Mayor McKire stipulating that the laws of the State, the Constitution, and the Charter do not have to be abided by.  There has been favoritism and nepotism relating to condemned properties.  The employees of White Springs for a long period stated they did not have to comply with 119 requests for 30 days….and yet the 30 days expanded into months and Joe had to make some 59 requests for material.

Attorney Koberlein has provided information as to how complaints should be handled along with information stipulating Robert’s Rules of Order must be utilized; Yet, Mayor Bullard and two other Council persons, Brown and Jefferson ignore what our attorney has provided.  Mr. Bullard just stipulates that Joe should sue him.

In the matter of Richard Marshall, I believe the matter was a conspiracy by Ms. Tebo, Rhett Bullard and Tonja Brown to assure that Marshall was not on the ballot, because the latter two did not wish competition and wish to remain on the council.   If you have not read our prior blog posts, Richard Marshall had 15 valid names, addresses and signatures which are required by statute.  However, one of his petitioners did not include a date of when the signature was affixed.   Per Statute the date is not a factor and since this is the first year these forms have been used, it is obvious the signatures were secured after Marshall picked up the paperwork.   Furthermore Pam Tomlinson went over his petitioner information at around 11:00 am but did not indicate there was no date nor did she try to rectify the situation or advise Marshall of it.   Obviously Tonja and Rhett do not wish completion and thank God we have another person on the ballot.  Tonja and Rhett have done nothing for our town.


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