Who Stole $1000 for EMS Services; Stacy Tebo or Steve Stith or Andrew Greene. This Fire Dept EMS situation in White Springs makes me sick

This must be posted anonymous.

Typically during the folk festival,  the White Springs Fire Department would be here. The park paid $3000 for that to the town of White Springs. What happened this year was that the town was paid and since there is no Fire Dept they in turn paid Hamilton County EMS $2000

Hamilton only took that low amount of money to be nice to the park. Someone please ask Stacy why she withheld  $1000 of the fee.  Even an agent would only get 20%. ($600) Why would or should White Springs act as an agent?

As a side note someone said something about there being no police presence at the Folk Fest.  It was mentioned to chief Tracy. Let me tell you that whoever said that was lying just stirring things up. I was there myself and had plenty of conversations with the White Springs officers. They were there. I am not sure who made the comment to the council but it was not true. The council seriously needs to start doing their job and stop being assholes.

Okay Lofty, Bullard, McKenzie,Brown and Tebo, who stole the money from Hamilton County?  Steve Stith was so scared he couldn’t come to the park but ran away with his Tail between his legs cause he couldn’t face the former fire fighters he lied about.  This is sad indeed One of you is a thief if not for all of you.. You do not care about the good employees of the town but support the bad ones and Walter, you have been here long enough to do something about it.  Get ride of Stith Tebo and Greene. 

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Me said:

17Me Well maybe they will use the money they over charged the State to pay for Folk Fest. $3000 paid to White Springs to have the “fire department” there. White Springs paid Hamilton county EMS $2000 to be there. Now every one please ask yourselves why the White Springs fire dept could not be there? ANSWER.. Because we do not have one!



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