Rumor has it that it was Tannachion in Lake City who signed off on them both, When Pittman wouldn’t do it. How and why you may ask, Well after Big Joe went to the Ratt and got Tebo to get rid of Pittman to secure his boy’s title of Fire Marshall their next move was then to get Tammachion who is a close friend of both Big Joe & Lil’ Joe to sign off on Fire Marshall Greene and his wife Dominique. Now your next question may be did Tannachion put them both though some rigorous training to bring them up to speed. well we all know the answer to that “HELL NO!” He just signed off on them both no questions asked. This is kinda like the college admissions scandal where does rich parents paid off people to get their kids into schools they other wise couldn’t get into. So now that we got that out into the open somebody should request a copy of Fire Marshall Greene and Dominique’s training certificate and all their training records since Pittman left. and this needs to be reported to the state because how can 2 people go from a vote of no confidence to passing overnight? It doesn’t work like that, right! Also someone needs to find out how much leave Fire Marshall Greene had when he left and how much he got paid for. I am sure Stacy has that little number buried and hidden in the budget somewhere so it’s not so obvious that Fire Marshall Greene got a “Golden Parchute” when he left town. one last big FU to everybody in town he thought nobody would ever find out about.


  1. Not that the city manager cares and that Andrew is not smart enough to know better , if he was real firefighter he would. But to pass yourself off as fire marshal is felony offense. Why you may ask , because it is a law enforcement position. The person has to be duel certified as a law enforcement officer and firefighter 2. You also need alot more training and state certification to do it. IE HazMat technician , Arson investigating , fire protection training etc. It’s all laid out in FS 633 , but alas no one has read it or bother to even look it up. All real departments keep a copy on hand for that reason. Just another example of the dumb crap that goes on with Steve’s department club house , or whatever it is.

  2. A person who falsely assumes or pretends to be the State Fire Marshal, an agent of the State Fire Marshal, a firefighter, a volunteer firefighter, or a firesafety inspector by identifying herself or himself as the State Fire Marshal, an agent of the State Fire Marshal, a firefighter, a volunteer firefighter, or a firesafety inspector by wearing a uniform or presenting or displaying a badge as credentials that would cause a reasonable person to believe that she or he is a State Fire Marshal, an agent of the State Fire Marshal, a firefighter, a volunteer firefighter, or firesafety inspector commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in ss. 775.082 and 775.083 or, if the impersonation occurs during the commission of a separate felony by that person, commits a felony of the first degree, punishable as provided in ss. 775.082 and 775.083.

  3. Nice showing tonight Steve you really didn’t prove a point at all. Congratulations you have living human beings on your so called department the point being is we dont not care how many of whom you have on your roster, its how many live with in 5,10,20,30 miles from town. How many would make it to my house on fire at 2am 3am 4am 5am on a Monday Tuesday a Wednesday or even Thursday with in 10 minutes because if your the smart ass you think you are then you would realise a fire frow double it size every 30 seconds. So having the people you have now does this town no good when they are only here Saturday and Sunday. You claim your department personnel where at the station 8 day those where the words that came out of your mouth so are you counting the days your personal are working for Hamilton EMS? or is this another lie. Step down Steve stop trying to protect your little butt buddy you are some what of a smart man but you are extremely stupid if you ever ever trust going into a fire with Andrew or his wife the bi$#% queen because i hate to say it that probably wouldn’t be coming out. I do not know what you see in Him blows my mind hell your putting all this work into this boy an yes i will call him a boy because thats what he is when this jack off doesn’t even live in town anymore he quit the town just like you ha e twice before. Just give it up Steve lets be real your only doing this to fit in an look cool for your Century personal you could car less about this town because if you did care about this town an its citizens you wouldn’t have quit twice before. We are all fools to believe you actually care when all you really want is a club house you want to play firefighter in this small town because you never made it with a big department you either quit or got ran off words ive heard from many old timers.


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