White Springs Pays Stacy Tebo’s Friend $750 a month for Planning ? Really?

Mayor Miller at the Town Operations Workshop held June 4th, questioned expenditures of the Town and one of the entities which White Springs pays $750 per month to is Lone Star Planning Group, and run by a friend of Stacy Tebo’s who was an associate of hers in DeBary.  Is this Fraud or Grand Theft, I sure wonder.


Mayor Miller questionned a bill of $1,475 paid April 9th and another paid 4/16 of  $750 for a total of $2,225.  Tebo stated that Ms. Esties has been a planner since 2016 for the Town of White Springs and she helps with the GIS and Mapping.   Tebo also stated that the Council approved the hiring of Ms. Estes in 2016 and Mayor Miller requested Pam provide the Minutes where she was approved by the council, because none of us remember the hire of Ms. Estes.
Mayor Miller also asked how Ms. Estes is billed and what results she has had by coming to  the planning committee chaired by Tracy Woodard.  Ms. Tebo stated that Mayor Miller wouldn’t understand what Ms. Estes is doing in the way of Mapping because it is just numbers.  And again Stacy Tebo stated Estes hire was the Council’s approval.  Mayor. Miller then asked if the Councilors knew that Ms. Esties was a friend of Stacies and she wished to see what was done for the GIS of $750 a month.   Mayor Miller also enquired whether the GIS is billed separately or if she bills for 2 GIS.  Mayor Miller asked to see the work files which Ms. Tebo said she couldn’t provide because they are just numbers and that Mayor Miller would not understand what was done.  Mayor Miller told her that the Work Product needed to be seen for $750 a month.   This is what we found on Lone Star Planning Group, LLC from Linkin.  What is interesting is that Ms. Estes doesn’t seem to stay too long at any one place which makes one believe she may be a questionable employee to some extent.


Lone Star Planning Group, LLC Overview

Lone Star Planning Group, LLC filed as a Florida Limited Liability in the State of Florida on Tuesday, June 14, 2016 and is approximately three years old, according to public records filed with Florida Department of State.   Lone Star is located at 228 Ellsworth Circle, Saint John’s Florida 32259
Lone Star Planning Group, LLC is a professional consulting firm specializing in regulatory policy planning and entitlement services. Need a strategic partner to help fit your project within today’s policies? Lone Star Planning Group is ready to unite. It’s a Win. Win.
Shalene B. Estes is the Managing Partner and a friend and possible former Associate of Stacy Tebo while working in DeBary. Ms. Estes is currently the Application Development Supervisor at St. John’s County, Florida.  She is an Experienced Land Development Professional with a demonstrated history of working in a multi faceted arena scouting raw land and carrying it through to vertical construction. Shile overseeing the development review technician team, Ms. Estes provides customer service and technical guidance to citizens, builders, developers, contractors and consultants.
Ms. Estes background includes Richmond American Homes of Jacksonville, FL where she was in Senior Land Acquisition  from 2012-2013 where she did feasibility analysis and provided narratives and exhibits  She attended Climer School of Real Estate for a year beginning 2010 and is on the Florida Chapter of American Planning Association (APA Florida) where she was employed from 2008-2010. As the First Vice President of the Orlando Metro Section, and later the Communications Officer for the First Coast Section, Ms. Estes assisted the President in the guidance and coordination of Chapter activities; presided and acted in the absence of the President; served as Chair of the Scholarship Committee; and served as the Professional Development Officer
Ms. Estes was the Senior Planner, Project Manager of GA1 for the dates 2007-2010, a three year duration where she specialized in urban and regional planning.
 And here is where Ms. Estes formed a relationship with Stacy Tebo.  Ms. Estes stated she was the Growth Management Official for the City of DeBary where she was employed from 2007 to 2010  As the Growth Management Official as contracted with GAI, Ms. Estes was responsible for responding to the day-to-day activity of the Planning and Zoning Development Department. Various responsibilities included maintaining, updating and interpreting the City’s Comprehensive Plan, assuring consistency between the zoning code and the official zoning map as well as chairing the Development Review Committee (DRC). Additionally, the department provided staff support to the Land Planning Agency and performed a mixture of tasks to streamline all Growth Management Services.  Ms. Estes also worked for Glatting Jackson for a three year period from 2004-2007 as a Planner.
Of course we will contact our friends at DeBary to see if this information is correct.
Have any of you seen any results in our Town Planning and whether we can even afford such Planning?  Do any of you remember a Council meeting where the Council Approved Lone Star Planning Group?  No, We don’t either and we have attended each and every meeting.


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