When you don’t own the land where the building is supposedly to be built.

Jordan and Associates
189 S Orange Ave
Suite 1550S,
Orlando, FL 32801


Are you aware that the town of White Springs doesn’t own the land free and clear, in fact they don’t own it at all, where they hope to put up a $600,000 Community Center with a CDBG secured with the assistance of your firm. A quick call to CDBG offices in Tallahassee proves to me that the grant you secured is possibly fradulent.

I urge you to get out in front of this problem/difficulty as soon as possible including a whole new application. Not owning the land is a NO-NO when applying to put up a community center, I believe.

Thanks for your attention to this matter. What White Springs really needs is an honest forthright and truthful leadership government We do not have it as this letter hopes to bring to your attention. It might even be called a fraud upon the taxpayers.

Yours for honest government,

Joe Griffin
Citizen Activist
16589 Mill Street
White Springs, Florida 32096
386 397 2951

Who would build a building on land they do not own? White Springs of course. Maybe Community Development Block Grant will care more than you think.

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