, “We oppose amnesty in any form.”RINO Republicans who are to sell out our birthright

RINO Republicans Forcing the American People to Vote Democrat


Google famously had a company motto that stated, “Don’t be evil.” Despite that clear instruction to itself, the company has never managed to live up to that motto. This is very similar to a simple, clear and straightforward line in the Republican Party Platform, which states at the bottom of page 25, “We oppose amnesty in any form.”

That opposition seems to have gone out the window completely now that America has a president in office who is willing to plant the flag and both feet at the US border and say, “No more!” What is it with these RINO Republicans who are willing to sell out our birthright nation? The bribes they receive seem like pennies in comparison to the long-term damage they’re doing to America by selling their votes.

The results of President Trump’s America First policies should be obvious to everyone by now. The massive job creation that has come about by tightening our labor market and imposing pro-America tariffs on competitive goods has created a booming economy the likes of which the establishment told us we’d never see again. Consumer optimism is at a 40-year high.

The only thing the GOP could do at this point to blow the 2018 midterm elections would be to pass a mass amnesty for illegal aliens, signaling their contempt for normal Americans by extending an olive branch to foreigners while slapping us in the face. On that note, Lou Dobbs has the rundown on the GOP’s plans to try to blow the 2018 midterm elections. Check it out.

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