Traffic Safety Lights and Walkways discussed at the Operations Workshop

On Monday afternoon June 3rd, Highway 41 at White Springs was inundated  because of a major accident for which all lanes of Interstate 75 North and South and Interstate 10 West were closed.  In fact the Ag Stations just allowed all the large semi-tractor trailers go through without stopping because it was a continual line of traffic. Chief Tracy Rodriquenz indicated that it was because of Officer Brandon Marsh who contacted the Ag Stations and determined why we had all the Traffic through White Springs.


Clarence Strong indicated that he was one of the cars waiting to go onto 41 where a huge semi tractor trailer unit tried to turn and all the cars had to back up otherwise they would have been squashed.


Mrs. Brazil asked if White Springs had a “Pickle” which most did not know what was meant by that name.  Chief Rodriquenz stated they have a “Pickle” which is a remote control which can change the lights from green or yellow to red.  But the Traffic on 41 lasted for nine to ten hours, it would have been difficult to do.  And we need a push button Red light.


Councilman Tom Moore still is fighting for a passenger crosswalk with lights similar to that which is in front of the VA Hospital across from Winn Dixie.  And he has called the Department of Transportation and would like to have it on the Agenda at the next meeting.


Now we know that our LOFT Funds could cover such a passenger walkway but since this is a major Highway, 41, it may be that the Department of Transportation must be involved.  But that is for the Council to decide and Councilman Moore only made an initial call to the Florida Department of Transportation operations engineer inquiring about a traffic light similar to the one at the VA Hospital including a passenger walkway on US 41 to the Dollar General Store.


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