Three other suits for public records- removed Joe’s property when he return from the hospital after 11.5 months of falling off a tanker – Nice.


I was asked about what happened in the matter of the below listed suits where Mrs. Woody Woodard placed a motion that Joe Griffin’s attorney fees and costs should be secured by Sterling King a collection agency.  The only problem was Joe knew nothing about it because he was hospitalized for 11.5 months with a shattered pelvis concussion, etc. in Nashville.


February 21, 2013

 Sterling United



Re:      Your Client:  The Town of White Springs

          Debtor:   Joe E. Griffin

Dear Sirs:

Your Client, the Town of White Springs, entered into a contract with you, in accordance with a contractual agreement signed by Joseph McKire, the then Mayor of White Springs, dated December 10, 2006. 

Unknown to Sterling United, Sterling King and Sterling Companies and without forewarning to me, Robert Townsend, then City Manager, the Town Attorney Frederick Koberlein Jr., The Sheriff’s representatives of Hamilton County and a White Springs police officer showed up at my door (after I returned from the hospital 11.5 months) with an order to remove personal property from my home, in payment of the judgments. I arrived only before they were ready to break my door down.

They removed my property, including my wheel chairs which were loaded into the moving van.  The Deputy Sheriff of Hamilton County assisted me by returning my wheel chair, since I am disabled, and took me to Jasper, FL to secure the money required under the judgments made against me. That next day, September 10, 2010, Kenneth Blanton, Deputy Sheriff of Hamilton County executed three satisfactions of judgments in the aforementioned cases.  I also paid the moving expenses but some pieces of property were damaged such as my grandfather clock.  When asking Attorney Koberlein as to the disposition of Sterling King collections and the liens against me, he told me it was my problem to clear up.

The amounts which were paid to the Sheriff of Hamilton County, FL are as follows:

Case No. 03-CA-56 $ 5,064.08              Case No. 03-CA-397         $  931.34

Case No.  00-CA-329        $ 2,993.94

It was not until my Spouse, Karin Ann Griffin and I applied for a refinance mortgage that we realized the aforementioned liens had not cleared.  Upon providing the title company with the satisfactions of judgments, we received a telephone call from your representative who stated the satisfactions of judgments were falsified because no payments had been made to Sterling King, nor had the Town of White Springs notified Sterling United of receipt of such payments as is required by contract. 

R. Keenan of the Sterling Companies then e-mailed Robert E. Farley, Town Manager of White Springs, FL stipulating the Sterling Companies had not received $9,325.86 from the debtor (Joe E. Griffin) for pay off of all monies due of which $4,494.68 was due S & K Portfolios (50% of $8,989.36) dated January 28, 2013 at 10:46 AM.

In the meantime, if we did not accept the terms of the loan, we would lose the favorable interest rate which we were initially quoted.  Since the Sterling Companies liens still showed on my credit report and the Title Company requires a clear title, it was decided as a condition to closing on our loan, the mortgagee would be required to include payments to Sterling King as part of our loan package principal as follows:

TIMIOS, INC. Check No. 29833  Dated 02/29/2013 in the amount of $3,590.00

TIMOS, INC.  Check No. 29834  Dated 02/19/2013 in the amount of $2,294.00

TIMOS, INC.  Check No. 29835  Dated 02/19/203  in the amount of $  328.00

These checks made payable to Sterling King are being forwarded to your office today.

In an attempt to assist the Town of White Springs, realizing I was paying for my judgments penalties twice, Robert E. Farley, City Manager acting on behalf the Town of White Springs made a Credit Card Payment in the amount of $ 4,831.00 to Sterling United on February 21,

Mr. Farley sent us a copy of the transaction by electronic mail. He had hoped we could return the aforementioned checks back to our title company TIMIOS and not be penalized under the loan my wife and I have entered into.  Upon contacting the Sterling Company representative, we were further advised that it will take an additional thirty (30) days in which to clear my credit history even after the execution and acceptance of the Town of White Spring’s payment.

We, likewise, contacted our Title Company who advised us, as Sterling Companies representatives have, that we are NOT the client of Sterling KingWe are the debtor and your contract is with the Town of White Springs solely.  Therefore, the three checks enclosed totaling $6,212 are being forwarded to you by priority mail this date, February 21, 2013.

 It is further understood that any amounts which are not due Sterling King will be forwarded to your Client, the Town of White Springs for reimbursement to me. And upon such full payment, Sterling King, Sterling United and or Sterling Companies shall clear my credit report since that is a condition of these payments made by the Title Company under my loan.

Thank you very much for accepting my telephone calls and for handling this matter expediently.  Had it not been for our Title Company’s efforts we would not have known these judgments against my credit still remained.




Joe E. Griffin,



Karin Griffin

to Joe

I dropped off the following checks to your office which were endorsed by Karin and I:

TIMIOS, INC. Check No. 29833  Dated 02/29/2013 in the amount of $3,590.00

TIMOS, INC.  Check No. 29834  Dated 02/19/2013 in the amount of $2,294.00

TIMOS, INC.  Check No. 29835  Dated 02/19/203  in the amount of $  328.00


These checks which were sent to Sterling King February 21, 2013 were in payment of the following judgments which were satisfied:


          Judgment Lien No: J08000131350    $  714.00   Interest 7%  Case No: 03-CA-397

          Judgment Lien No: J08000131392    $2,294.00  Interest 7%  Case No: 00-CA-329

          Judgment Lien No:08000131426      $    327.50  Interest 7%  Case No. 00-CA-329


Because the town owed $4800 and Sterling King held our checks pending a letter from the town stating it would not sue, the checks then were returned to us on March 19th per our letter below.

I understand these checks are on your desk and I hope that you soon will have the opportunity to send them to Sterling King, P. O. Box 300639, Fern Park, FL 32730 .  Please ask Sterling King to cash these checks and issue a Sterling King Check payable to Joe E. Griffin, in accordance with the letter which we attached from Timos.   We would also like a cover letter stipulating that the lien has been removed.


Please call me if you have any questions.  We would like this on your stationery so that it will be expediently handled.  Thank you for your assistance.


Joe E. Griffin


From: Karin Griffin

Sent: Tuesday, March 19, 2013 6:44 PM

To: ; Joe Griffin

Subject: Sterling King Checks endorsed and returned Today – No advice as to satisfaction of lien


Before a letter is drafted to Sterling King on Joe’s behalf, please be apprised that we received a second day air packet from Sterling King at around 4:30 pm or later.  In that packet they did not include a letter stipulating the lien had been satisfied.  Instead each of the three checks in handwriting (fairly legible) stated “Sterling.  Pay to the order of Joe or Karin Griffin” and two of the three checks had a signature below that looked like “Paullt or Paulatt”


I am uncertain whether our bank or the title company Timos, Inc will honor these checks.  And there is no word as to whether the lien has been removed and definitely no documentation to that effect.


Please contact Joe prior to drafting the letter on his behalf.  I took the liberty of sending this on to you because Joe and Richard are at the commissioners meeting this evening and we have guests thereafter for dinner.


As it was the attorney we paid for did not help us and we had to fight this situation ourselves.  In fact we had to pick up our checks from his office and handle the matter after several weeks of his doing nothing.  But what can one expect if the attorneys are friends.


Thanks to the Jasper News we now know what went on in the Town Council and =
how Mr. Griffin in his ever present paranoia is again suing the Town. I =
am told that he shot his mouth about some council meeting at which he was =
going to thoroughly castigate the council but then chickened out.I hope that the lawyers cost him a pretty penny and I wonder when the Town will counter sue Obviously he will continue this demented farce until it hurts him financially as it did before but now he needs the =
money, so our sources close to him tell us.The camels that track his blog also tell me that again Mrs. Griffin is acting as Flash, the only faithful and perennial reader of his blog.=A0 The poor woman doesn’t realize that her writing style is so easy to identify.Remember when she was=
Wonder Woman?Laughing Camel says:I think that Wonder Woman was abducted by Superman and had  idyllic tryst while her husband was playing with the goats  We are also told by those close to the happy couple that there are some financial necessities in the household
This is turning to be very interesting.I also noticed that Mr. Griffin is again staying uplate to write his idiotic accusations. Is it possible that his meds ran out? Somebody please get his Thallium and Prozac to him soon, maybe Mrs. Griffin is taking his meds?i King Camel, I hope that Mr. Griffin’s readers enjoy Chapter 8, two more chapters to the end of the season A complete document with all the chapters will  available at the end.Silent Camel, thanks to the reviewers and LC.=0A=0A—–


Ever since the ties to the Food Bank were severed by the Town of White Springs, we the Griffins have assisted the New Hope Pantry by helping secure a trailer to haul food, secure the necessary insurance and have made monetary donations so that food could be purchased for those in need. These contributions were made prior to Joe E. Griffin electing to run for council.and have continued.  Reverend Marshall along with Homer also made monetary contributions.  Since I had volunteered at Interfaith Ocala, I realize the importance of treating those in need as clients.  So since this was the first food giveaway after a long time, I baked 300 cookies, put on coffee and offered tea to those that wait in line.
Everyone is given a number and when the gates were open, the clients immediately went to the tables to pick out their produce and food.  How in the world can someone say this was a political meeting? The notifications given to everyone relating to the food giveaway did not mention a campaign nor did Joe solicit votes. Since Rhett knew of the giveaway, he could have also shown up as well as Tayna Brown who was given a brochure.  Better yet, since there are no grants to purchase the food, perhaps Rhett, and Walter McKenzie should also fork out $100 a month so that we can be assured those in need are assisted.
Everyone in town knows Joe is running for council and if they elected to talk to him, it was of their own choice. Some of the individuals have performed work for us.  In fact all he did was greet people and advise them they could have coffee and cookies while they waited.  As for me I wore My Griffin for Council Tee-Shirt.
Today Joe received a call that Rhett Bullard or someone in the Mayor’s camp Walter McKenzie  has made a formal complaint citing two statutes.  In other words there seems to be concern by the Mayor and her constituents that perhaps my husband Joe E. Griffin would stand a chance being on the council.  And obviously they are not happy that he would like only the General Fund be used for salaries and leave the Sewer and Water fund out of the mix.  In fact, as Joe listed previously, it appears from others who over heard Mr. Bullard, that there may be increased taxes.  Now Joe did not wish to believe the story to be true, but since Mr. Bullard reads the blog and made no corrections except to site two statutes

As it was Robert Farley did not have the money to pay sterling king the $4,800 and had to use the town credit card so that we could get our funds back.

Karin for the blog

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