Thomas W. Brazil continually attempts to suggest positive changes for WS. Will you listen councilors?

Thomas W. Brazil has continually brought forth ideas and solutions to make White Springs Financial Sound and Great Again.  The following was emailed to the council members in the hopes that spending may be cut.  Currently we are paying $750 for planning through a friend of Ms. Tebo’s and I doubt if there has been even a small positive change.

This is the e-mail which was sent

to the Town by Mr. Brazil:

From the Council Workshop on June 4th it was pondering why we have been paying a private vendor, Lone Star Planning Group, LLC, for planning and GIS mapping services since 2016 (approximately $9,000 per year) and exactly what services that have provided. Ms. Tebo at first advised she could not provide any work product from this vendor, then stated it was just numbers that the Mayor, nor Council would not understand what the work represented. We also learned from Ms. Tebo that White Springs does not have a legal description for the Town boundary (City Limits) nor apparently are the GIS boundary lines correct.

I must question why we are paying a private vendor to do this work and why the Town is not a member of the North Central Florida Regional Planning Council. The Regional Planning Council provides local government assistance with such issues as developing and maintaining a comprehensive plan (Comp. Plan), land development regulations (LDR’s), and economic development. This is ideal and designed for small municipalities. The Town’s of Jasper, High Springs, Jennings, and Mayo, are all members, but not White Springs. All of these Towns listed have their Comp. Plan and LDR’s posted on the Regional Planning Council’s Web Site for the public to view

I certainly think it would be prudent for the Town Council to look into the Town of White Springs becoming a member of the Regional Planning Council vs. using a private vendor.

From their Web Site this is what the Regional Planning Council Offers:

Local Government Assistance

The Local Government Assistance Program of the Council consists of technical assistance to local governments in comprehensive planning and community development.

Comprehensive Planning

In response to the requirements of Florida growth management legislation, the Council places a significant emphasis on comprehensive planning assistance for local governments.

The Council assists the region’s counties and cities in complying with the requirements of the Local Government Comprehensive Planning and Land Development Regulation Act.

On-going comprehensive planning assistance is provided to local governments to assist with interpretations of comprehensive plans and land development regulations, preparation of concurrency management system reports, preparation of comprehensive plan and land development regulation amendments, and concurrency assessments of plats, and site and development plans.

The Council assists nearly two dozen counties and municipalities with the review and adoption of comprehensive plan map and text amendments, land development regulation map and text amendments, land development regulation special exceptions and special permits, concurrency assessments for plats, and site and development plans.

Community Development Block Grants

The Council assists several local governments in assessing their community development needs.  These assessments address the need for housing rehabilitation, commercial revitalization, economic development, and neighborhood revitalization.  These community development needs assessments result in the Council assisting local governments with the preparation of Community Development Block Grant applications.

The Council also provides administrative assistance on community development projects for the counties and municipalities.

Economic Development and Economic Development Planning

The Economic Development Program of the Council consists of economic development planning and tourism promotion activities.

The U.S. Economic Development Administration designated the region as an Economic Development District in 1978.  The primary function of the North Central Florida Economic Development District is to create and update the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for the region.  The Strategy provides the framework by which economic development projects in the region qualify for grant funding from the U.S. Economic Development Administration.  The Strategy is developed by the Strategy Committee which is comprised of a broad range of regional economic development, business, civic, education and workforce development professionals.

In addition, the Council maintains a high level of involvement in providing technical assistance to local governments and economic development organizations in order to promote economic growth.  The Council provides economic impact modeling services and grant procurement and administration services for federal and state economic development infrastructure funding to these entities.

The Council also works with the Rural Economic Development InitiativeEnterprise Florida, Inc. and VISIT FLORIDA in defining strategies for dealing with the problems and needs of north central Florida.

The “Original Florida” Tourism Promotion Activities

The Original Florida Tourism Task Force is comprised of representatives from each of the participating counties to oversee and direct the tourism promotion effort.  The members have varied backgrounds which they bring to the program, but they share one thing in common–the desire to carve out their share of the number of tourists who visit Florida each year, and to do so without harming the natural resources which are the mainstay of the attractions of the area.

As part of promoting the Natural North Florida area, travel writers visit the area who, in turn, write and publish in various news media (travel magazines, travel sections in major newspapers and websites throughout the country).

The Task Force also prints map brochures.  The brochures are distributed at each of the five Florida Welcome centers, each of the ten county chambers of commerce, area hotels and lodging establishments, and several real estate agencies.

The Task Force also maintains the Natural North Florida Internet homepage of The Original Florida.


Just my opinion

Thomas W. Brazil

The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become a legalized version of the first.” …Thomas Jefferson

Thank you Mr. Brazil!

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