This is what happens when Stith has been chief

Don’t think this won’t happen to you.  The Systrunks were our neighbors and they did not expect a fire which took all of their possessions as well as the family home.

Chief Stith was the fire chief in 2015 when this fire occured and after resigning for the third time, left the fire department with no volunteers so Pittman had to start from scratch.   Don Wilson had to take the Systrunks to safety in a vehicle; move all the vehicles and he had to knock down all the walls himself.  That is because we never had valid firefighters under Chief Stith.  Jasper arrived and put out the fire and helped Wilson, but there were no other firefighters around.  We have lucked out in the last 18 months but it is not great to see a neighbor’s house burn so we are happy you did not have a fire because Chief Stith and his group today would not be able to save your property..  And Wilson knocked down the walls in the back so our tree line and pole barn did not set on fire. Wilson may no longer be a firefighter but Kevin Pittman trained the best firefighters White Springs ever had.  But I guarantee you, with just a roster of names, this can happen to you.

When our RV set afire, again Wilson was the only one who responded although Joe managed to put it out.

That is how Stith handles a fire department.  And if you want more of the same, just keep him as our Chief because that is what our Town Manager and Rhett Bullard wanted.  If you want Chief Pittman back along with the former firefighters, you can be assured they will be there to assist you in a time of emergency.


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