This is the way Stacy initially handled Joe”s request before she decided to take a vendetta out on him


—– Original Message —–

From: Stacy Tebo

To: ‘Joe E. Griffin’

Subject: RE: policy



I can’t make judgements regarding things outside my realm of involvement and duties.  I can address questions about things that were passed or considered by Council during their meetings.  I can only provide you with what exists in the Town’s records, and I do not find a resolution authorizing harassment.  To my knowledge there have been no outside discussions that might have been violations of the Sunshine Law.  I am always mindful of this law and remind Council members often.


I am working very hard to do the job I was hired to do.  If you want me to succeed, then please try to let me work.  I realize that you have a long history with the Town, and there are people that you dislike.  I am not here to make friends or take sides.  I am here to work, and there is plenty of work that needs to be done.  I defer all legal questions to the attorneys retained by the Town or the Town’s insurer (FMIT).  I do not have a law degree; my degrees are in public administration and political science.  Therefore, I will follow the legal advice provided to the Town.  I will not do anything that jeopardizes the Town’s interests.  I hope that you understand what I am saying and why I follow the advice of the attorneys.  Not following their advice would be doing a disservice to the Town.


You’ve had a lot of good ideas.  It would be great if I had enough time to properly research all the good ideas that are thrown my way.  Unfortunately, this is a very small staff, and we have a lot of things to improve in our operation.


Stacy Tebo

Town Manager

Town of White Springs

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  1. What a pile of Hooey She doesn’t listen to the attorneys and she isn’t too busy to take some time daily to work on her court case against DeBary. I’ve changed my mind. If she wins a big enough settlement with DeBary she just might quit being our Town Manager. Boy would that be a happy day. I wouldn’t wish ill on DeBary but we’ve got to protect our own and Stacy is definitely someone who we need protection from.

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