There should be a sign in WS “Truck Drivers don’t buy property in WS”

Shonda Werts our Code Enforcement Officer and pantry entrepreneur stipulated that there are 23 open cases of Code Enforcement Violations in White Springs.  Four dangerous buildings which are vacant; 13 property management issue and four car violations.  Ms. Werts indicated the worst problem is that people ignore ordinances.  Two on Collins have been sited as well as for animals and cars.  In the dangerous houses, no one is living there and the houses are boarded up.  An excuse was also given that the Pantry is not open due to the houses across the street from the Pantry, the Building Dennis Price made an offer on, because people go in an out of these buildings even if they are falling apart some with no doors, doing what no one knows.

Ms. Werts stated she has contacted each of the owners and they stated they will work on the houses as best as they can.  (Just sell the property if you can’t afford to work on it people).  Ms. Werts said that in Michigan, the Towns partnered with the Banks and eliminated blight of which the people could not afford and she hoped that there were programs ike that here where the banks had to contribute a certain amount of money.

Apparently Robbie Brooks has sold his home to a family with two children, where the breadwinner is a truck driver.  And just like in Joe Griffin’s past, the Town does not like and has ordinances which do not allow trucks or trailers to be parked on one’s property.  The new owner apparently parks a trailer in his back yard and that is a no no so it does not matter if you own the property; if you are using the tractor trailer to move in, or if you park it somewhere on the side.  The police department gave Joe Griffin several tickets for not following the ordinances and it was only on Mill Street.  In fact the ordinance was made for just Joe Griffin. I hope the Town does not treat this new owner as badly because when he purchased the property, there was no way of knowing that parking a trailer in your back yard is forbidden.  White Springs is a mess anyway with it’s so called abandoned houses falling apart are not as important as a truck driver parking a truck or a trailer on his property.   That brought up the fact that Ms. Werts stated she is putting together a small brochure to give to anyone who is new in the Town.  It would be an overall vew of information regarding what is required by law in White Springs.

So let me get this straight.  We will not provide the brochure to a prospective owner through realtors because White Springs is not a town but is actually a Homeowners,  Townhouse or Condo Association?  Wow.  But after the person purchases the residence and places his or her property on the premises they have purchased, they will then be given a brochure that they have violated said ordinances…and tough luck that they bought the property.

Truck Drivers Beware.  Do not buy property in White Springs even though it is close to I-10 and I-75 because this Town does not like Truck Driver’s tractors or trailers and you could be fined on the old ordinance made up for Joe Griffin.

The ordinances were so messed up when Bill Lawrence was Town Manager that we had to explain there were ordinances made just for Joe Griffin and there were ordinances made for all other residents.  And I made up a cartoon, a photo of which is enclosed, framed it and presented to Mr. Lawrence who was delighted with the characterization.

Joe went by the former Brooks house and it is not a trailer but a Motor Home.  Since when can a resident not have their motor home on their premises?  And why was it a big deal to mention he was a truck driver?   WS is a bit nuts and even in a Homeowners association, you would be allowed to have a Motor Home on your premises.   Oh and yes, our Motor Home was under our pole barn until it burnt down.

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