There is so much talk about dirty cops and we certainly have one in White Springs. That is why we do not trust anyone but those who are Hamilton County Sheriffs

Hundreds of police officers have been labeled liars and our White Springs officials have to know that our Police Chief has been caught in lies hundreds of times. And, if she doesn’t like someone she will assist in trying to send someone to prison.

Of course you are aware of the recent events regarding Joe on the blog; but there were prior events where our Police Chief will lie to someone’s face. She by no means has had a perfect record but the prior Chief Brookins helped her to get through it unscaved.

In a case that came down to one man’s word against another’s, jurors believed the police officer and that should be the way it is, except for White Springs.Most prosecutors in the United States aren’t tracking officer misconduct which leads to wrongful convictions. But perhaps after the Floyd Case those officers will be found and eliminated.

We have seen where our police chief has a motive to convict someone, regardless of whether or not that person actually commited a crime. We know she is not pressured to write more tickets or reach an arrest quota, but she takes the word of certain people who she believes her friends. If they are her friends, we hear that they will not be picked up or she makes certain they are picked up by other officers outside of White Springs. She takes no responsibility for anything even if she is solely responsible for an arrest. She feels she is safe because it is unlikely to be exposed because it is rare for a case to progress to a hearing where a defendant can question an officer’s version of events.

Court records and interviews with former prosecutors show that internal assessments of police dishonesty are rarely memorialized, potentially violating the rights of people charged in criminal cases and sometimes keeping the records of bad cops clean.
“Police lying raises the likelihood that the innocent end up in jail – and that as juries and judges come to regard the police as less credible, or as cases are dismissed when the lies are discovered, the guilty will go free.”

Our officials know or have reason to believe how our Chief lies to protect the criminals to whom she responds and protects. Our Chief will do anything to try to convict someone of a crime they did not do. Here in White Springs we have a Con-Artist for a Town Manager who has learned well on how to evade or set up other people for things which he provoked. Although a Consultant at the time who should have not had decision making abilities, our Mayor along with our Town Attorney gave him the free abilities to act as if he was an Employee Town Manager; then everyone acts surprised and pretends he did not lie because they are fearful of a discrimination suit by him.

It is the Town’s fault if innocent people are incarcerated and today, although there are many good and honest police officers, those like our Police Chief who are not, are spoiling the reputation of those who are good and fair. And our Town lets her get away with it.

Let’s face it, when she was observing Joe speaking to Officer Marsh, she was not in the office but rather she was outside of her vehicle attempting to listen to the conversation being held between Joe and Officer Marsh. Her vehicle was not there when Joe came out of Town Hall, but shortly thereafter. She had to know that Joe’s story which was told to Officer Marsh was valid but instead 41 days thereafter she signs the police report and attests to things which were not true. And the Town let’s her get away with it.

The Council has the right by Charter to hire and fire the Police Chief. But as of this time, the Chief’s friends are on the Council and we know these ladies never lie Right? Of course the only officers we can get in White Springs are those who have been fired from other places. And we cannot get anyone to work in our offices or even volunteers because perhaps they are fearful they will be lied about by our Town Manager if they are not first cousins.

One lady messaged Joe yesterday citing that we all needed to take our Town back. Yet with our existing officials, there is no ability for that to be done. Things will remain as they are now and that is far worse than it was previously and I expect the criminality to worsen exponentially with Chief Tracy at the helm.

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  1. And she even lied about Helen Miller trying to say under oath that Miller was the only council person who requested help from Chief Tracy directly. It was Walter McKenzie who interrupted and said he asked for help and it was followed by Tonja Brown that she also asked for help directly. I guess Tracy will lie about anything just like our Town Manager. And then she came to the griffins after the Miller Hearing trying to tear up saying what they did was terrible, when she tried to lie to get to that terrible conclusion. We told her why tell us that because obviously she wanted Helen off the council. Now Tommie Jones is trying to implicate Helen into something by not assisting her. Soon possibly Chief Tracy and Tommie Jones will do something to her next.

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