The WSVFD as Chief Stith reported

It’s nice that our Town Manager has agreed to pay Firefighters to man the Station when Chief Stith and Assistant Chief Greene are involved and especially since our volunteers, are at least 35 minutes away from White Springs and farther, would not consider responding anyway.

I am sorry to say that I did not write in the exact figure, Mayor Miller provided, but Joe remembers it to be $31,600 spent for the Fire Department when our budget showed $30,000 of income.  Of course this $30,000 of income relates to the Hamilton County Agreement only and if the WSVFD responds to outside calls and complies with training exercises of which we understand that possibly only Stith and one other responded to recently.  As it Stands, WSVFD will receive only $2,500 per quarter but expects more.  You saw my summary of the Sheriff’s office calls but Stith’s records on the Jasper internet program obviously includes the WSPD and the Hamilton County EMS services as credit.  Somehow, it doesn’t seem quite fair now does it?   






















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