The Williams Suit – one could be at a loss of words.

Annise Smith


Holy WOW. I am at a loss for words. Except to say, he sure does have a vivid imagination and a distortion of the facts.


The attorney firm Maddox, who he solicited, is very selective in who they take and I cannot believe from what I have heard that branding him as violently threatening is “incompatible with his true self and his function as a member of his community and occupation”.  Neither of the Hightower ladies or Ms. Geddes would have any reason to lie about the events, because they are all standup women. What’s with the fact that he carries a side arm at his place of work in the public sector?  That is wrong.  That is what the police are there for and furthermore, I cannot believe all utility money comes in at the same time.   I do not know the hours of work in Jasper but I would think 5:15 is after hours and close to after hours.  What I do not understand is that Detective Hardin, who once worked in White Springs, would label his (William’s) actions as harrassment when technically it was  Aggrivated Assault with a deadly weapon….and that is why the State’s attorney after getting the real story told him to resign from his job.  It seems to me that Williams got off easy because what he did falls under the definition of Aggrivated Assault.

Having the carrying case open, and placing your hand on the pistol, or jutting your hip and threatening Jennifer verbally, in the company of Ms. Geddes, is a frightening situation.  How did either know whether he would have shot them.  Guns should not be allowed in a Government facility unless you are a police officer.

You’re right, he has made himself a righteous man in this Complaint.  Wow!   He should be so proud threatening women.  And by the way, it was stated Barbara “WAS” the wife/spouse of Plaintiff.  It did not say she was and is the wife of the plaintiff, but she must have given her permission since she is part of the suit.


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  1. Now that I have had time to study the amended complaint, try to make sense of this poorly written version of the facts, and pull my public records of these events… is a total and utter distortion of the facts. The timeline, the language, the outright lies to vilify himself…its ludicrous. I cannot fathom how any attorney would even consider filing such mess. He resigned, he was not fired!! And to accuse these women of publicly humiliating him and using public media to do so…when the Jasper News reporter, Jesse Box, was in the meetings herself??? Are you kidding me? And how did they conspire to commit slander when it is all on public record? His actions of slamming the police report on the table in front of the Council chair, screaming at Jennifer Hightower, “this is not over”. Or the previous meeting when he demanded the police chief remove Ms. Yteva Hightower out of the meeting, after she was recognized by the Council and when the police chief refused to do so, stated, “I’ll deal with you in the morning”. Or better yet, his hateful and spiteful words to Gerald Allen when he came forth with a complaint of unfair work practices. Something to the effect of, if you don’t like your job go find another one..I’m the boss and you’ll do as I say. No one had to disparaged his character for him, he did it all on his own. Or when he was asked if he was carrying his weapon at this meeting, he smugly states, “yes I am and have permission to do so”. When asked who gave permission, not a word was said by him or the Council. Then later on in this complaint, he states…On or around May 1, 2018, Williams met with State Attorney Jeff Seigmeister about the HCSO report. Williams learned that Hightower, her mother-in-law, Yvetta Hightower and Geddes had already been to Seigmeister’s office to speak to him and provided him with a copy of the HCSO report. Seigmeister also told Williams that Hightower, Yvetta Hightower and Geddes had tried to convince Seigmeister to arrest Williams and Seigmeister told Williams that if he resigned, the report would remain in his drawer and no further action would be taken. So again, how does one come to the conclusion he was fired?? If anything, he was given a choice by the State Attorney…not the City of Jasper, not the Council members. So why isn’t he suing the State Attorney’s Office? This whole entire 16 page complaint is ……I don’t even know a word that describes it, except ludicrous. I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

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