The Town Needs to fix the problem per Yu


  1. What the town needs to do is get off there butts and remove steve as chief along with little joe joe greene that would be a good start. The next would be to make the Fire Department a full time paid department with at least 3 personal on duty 24/7 they keep it whats called a combination department with paid an volunteers. Yes the towns call volume is not that hight but to fix the problem of the current department personal not showing up would be to go paid or to just dropped the department and turn it over to the county.

    We can not rely on Steve not Andrew or even the other 8 members he says he has. We need people who are going to show up no matter the time of day do to the simple fact that the town has a lot of elderly folks with medical problems that cant afford to wait 30 + mins for them to show up along with most of the towns infrastructure being very old meaning old wood home and old mobile homes. This towns council just needs to fix the problem before someone pay the price Stand up an remove them 2 bring in new faces along with old ones an make this towns department great again.

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