The RHATT Watch Day 63

The RHATT Watch

Day 63

Today is Wednesday, June 27th, Day 63 of the Rhatt Watch.  One of the wonderful aspects of this modern day and age is that we have an assortment of technologies at our beck and cal twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week, all year long, every year.  And, what’s even better is that new technologies are being added to our resource kit every day.  This does not make the Red-face Ratt or Fire Marshall Cousin “Got Any Evidence to Destroy” Andrew very happy. 

One of the types of technology available to us today, is location based technology, Global Positioning, all started back in 1957 when Russia launched it’s Sputnik 1 satellite.  William Guier and George Wieffenbach, physicists at the John Hopkins’ Applied Physics Laboratory realized they could determine the satellite’s position by using the Doppler shift associated with its radio transmissions.  In ’58 they concluded they could determine the inverse, any place on earth from satellites also.  In ’59, the Navy and APL developed the TRANSIT GPS system for use with the submarine launched Polaris missiles.  However, it wasn’t until 1973 that DOD initiated its GPS system using 24 satellites.  Since then, Russia launched its Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS), China, its BeiDon Navigation Satellite System, the European Union its Galieo Positioning System, India its NAVIC System and Japan its Quasi-Zenith Satellite System.

There are many satellite based systems and you have access to every one.  In addition, to GPS technology for location based information, there is A-GPS, an enhanced more accurate form of GPS, Cell-ID, the least accurate positioning, Cell Tower Triangulation, almost as good as GPS and first used in cell phones, then by Google, Uber and more, Wi-Fi, very accurate being used both indoors and outdoors, and Bluetooth, also very accurate and used both indoors and outdoors.  Many more positioning technologies exist or are under development.  What all this means is that it’s pretty easy to determine where any person or anything is at any time, day or night.  And even more fun is that in many cases, these location technologies make permanent and accessible records.

A review of all of the emergency calls in and around White Springs for the last couple of months reveals an interesting fact.  Quite simply, Fire Marshall, Cousin “Got any Evidence to Destroy”, Andrew hasn’t responded to a single incident.  There were lots of calls including fires, but no Cousin Andrew.  White Springs is paying for Fire Marshall, Cousin Andrew .  And, he has an emergency vehicle and Town credit cards for his personal use, but he isn’t doing anything.  

Enter today’s location technologies.  A little big of digging reveals apparently the Fire Marshall’s vehicle is out of White Springs more often than it’s in White Springs.  Apparently, the vehicle’s location technology places the vehicle on Morning Glory Drive in Lake City the preponderance of the time.  If the positioning technology is correct, the vehicle also has shown up at shopping centers and at least one movie theater or there about and a number of other distant locations.

Oh, I almost forgot, the Ratt had Fire Marshall Andrew remove the White Springs and Fire Department identification to make the vehicle less conspicuous and easier to try to hide from you and me.  Unfortunately, for the Ratt, the Lapdog and Cousin Andrew, modern location technology doesn’t care about stickers and doesn’t lie. 

White Springs, clearly this is a fraud being perpetuated upon you.  As the Ratt says, ” Us Cousins gotta stick together”. It’s your hard earned money that’s paying for Cousin Andrew’s compensation to do nothing for you and for operation of a vehicle that is not available for its intended purpose.”Emergencies and Fires in White Springs.  You’re getting the shaft! In addition to the Ratt foisting this fraud on you, the Ratt knows other corrupt activities including pedophilia, nepiophilia, ephebophilia, drugs and bribes that need to be addressed. 

White Springs, you need to become part of the solution.  You need to track and report every illicit activity you are aware of.  The place to call is the FBI Office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.  We aren’t going to get any help from White Springs Police Department or the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.

Help locate the Ratt.  Lapdog, Cousins and White Springs Emergency vehicles, it’s Day 63 and Red Face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Watch continues!


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