The RHATT Watch Day 62

The RHATT Watch

Day 62


Today is Tuesday, June 26th, Day 62 of the Rhatt Watch.  Anybody have an opportunity to spend time at the Folk Festival?  We all know of one person who has been frequenting the Folk Festival since he was knee-high to a grass hopper.  That’s Councilman McKenzie.  He’s been at the festival almost as many decades as it’s been in operation and this year was no exception.  This means McKenzie knows everything about how anything associated with the Folk Festival works, or at least is supposed to work.  And, this year, he observed something that just didn’t seem right. 

 When the Folk Festival premiered at Stephen Foster State Park back in the 1950’s the Park and the Town of White Springs entered into a contract for the Town to provide certain support to the Park.  One of the services the Town agreed to provide was fire protection and emergency support.  Every year since that time, White Springs, with tremendous pride faithfully fulfilled this commitment.

The Folk Festival was a great benefit to the Town of White Springs and the Town’s Fire protection and emergency services were a great benefit to the Park.  This was a synergistic relationship that had gone on unbroken for 62 years.  Well, that is until this year.  You better change that to 61 years.  Since White Springs had no Fire Department and “Cousin” Steve wasn’t about to recruit and build one, that’s too much like work, he and the Ratt agreed to con Hamilton County into covering the event.  They didn’t even tell the Park about the switch.  Now the Ratt and “Cousin” Steve could admit there is no Fire Department, but that would mean no Fire Chief and no Fire Marshall and therefore, no reason to provide each with free vehicles, credit cards and pay each one.  But you know what the Ratt says, “Us Cousins gotta stick together”.

Come to think of it, why is the Town of White Springs paying Fire Chief Cousin “Conflict of Interest” Steve and Fire Marshall Cousin “Got any Evidence to Destroy” Andrew?  This isn’t the first time Cousin Steve has been Fire Chief.  The Town got rid of Cousin Steve a couple of times before. 

Back when the Fire Department was across from the Post Office, Cousin Steve ran it like a social club.  The “Cousins” would get together in the fire station nearly every night, allegedly for some fire related matter.  But that’s not why the “Cousins” were there.  As I said earlier, this was a social club and they were there for sexual liaison.  In fact one of the fire-fighters, ephebophiliac “Cousin” Don, is now in Prison for having sex with a young underage girl. 

Cousin Steve wasn’t the only one involved.  Fire Marshall Cousin Andrew was there and was complicit in pimping some of the arrangements for these liaisons.  So help me understand this, Fire Chief “Cousin” Steve ran a sex-oriented social club in Town facilities instead of a Fire Department; shows up on emergency calls in flip flops and shorts with no equipment; doesn’t bother to show up as a fire literally across the street from the new Fire Department; cons another jurisdiction into fulfilling the Town’s obligations, and has ethical conflict of interest violations and the Ratt, the druggie Lapdog “Keep paying me” Tebow, Mindless “Splain it to me” Tanja and Suck-up “I’m your Boy” Lofty want these two as Fire Chief and Fire Marshall.  I wonder if we could sell this as an episode to Ron Howard for “The Watch” series pilot?  It’s unreal and it’s your hard earned funds that the Town is flushing down the drain.

What’s it going to take White Springs?  Are you waiting for a fire at your home, so the Fire Chief “Cousin” Steve can show up in flip flops and with no equipment to watch your house burn down? 

Governor Scott, you know what’s happening.  Please do something.  Come on Commission on Ethics, there are violations all over the place and by multiple officials.  Make a little room on your agenda and take some action.  I’ve given up on the Sheriff and Police Chief.  So Let’s help the Feds with anything and everything that the Cousins are doing in White Springs and across all of Hamilton County.  And if you’re a “Cousin”, jump in before the Feds come looking for you.  Some one has rolled already and there’s a good possibility, it’s on you.  Call the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000 while you still have a chance.

Don’t rely on Cousins.  It’s Day 62 and Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Watch continues!


(There are some things which the White Springs Journal has had no knowledge of nor do we have comment or opinions relating to the use of the Fire Department;.so whether the accusations made here are true or not, we cannot make that determination and are not hereby liable for a third party’s comments..  We may only provide this in accordance with our disclaimer as humor with you being the judge.).

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