The RHATT Watch Day 50

The RHATT Watch

Day 50


Today is Thursday, June 14th, Day 50 of the Rhatt Watch.   You could feel the anticipation in the air Tuesday evening as a crowd of residents jockeyed to get front row seats to the third in a series of Ratt Races.  People came from far and near for this auspicious event.  Again, however, conspicuously absent from the audience were any of the humiliated and embarrassed Rat Family members.

As the hour drew near for the beginning of the scheduled Town Council Meeting, it became apparent the Ratt himself was also missing.  Throughout the Council meeting audience member held out hope that the Ratt would be there for the race.  As Mayor Suck-up “I’m your Boy” Lofty raised the gavel at the meeting’s end, the Druggie Laptop lined-up against the wall in a crouched position.  As the gavel hit the desk, the Lapdog was off and running.  The win goes to the Lapdog.  A Ratt spokesperson indicated “As the great Meatloaf says “Two Outta Three Ain’t Bad”.   

 Another subject, the severance tax, millions per year for four decades, longer than most residents of Hamilton County have been alive, has been flowing into Hamilton County for economic development and job creation. With that amount of money and that amount of time you would think that every person who wanted a job in Hamilton County would have one, within the county.  Not the case.  Historically, Hamilton County has had some of the highest unemployment rates in Florida and they would be higher, if it were not for job opportunities in Lake City and elsewhere.  And nearly thirty percent of the residents still live in poverty.  Hamilton County pretty much owns the bottom of the barrel in most economic and demographic categories.  So where have all of the severance tax monies been wasted? As you know, the Nepotism Authority meets strictly in secret.  That’s so you and I can’t see them taking care of each other.  Over four decades, a number of “Cousins” have been responsible for spending the severance tax funds; but here’s the current “Cousin” clique:   Cousins Bullard, Carter, Cloyd, Combass, Daniels, Davis, Hitson and Klepper.  Additional, Cousin Susan, girlfriend of Cousin Milton’s son, is Executive Director and the Red-face Ratt, nephew of clique member Cousin Mary Lou, is the Nepotism Authority’s attorney.  As the Ratt says, “Us Cousins gotta stick together”.


With the mining operation providing a substantial number of jobs to local citizens, the :Cousins” knew most people would be distracted from the severance tax funds.  This meant the “Cousins” could allocate funds in activities which provided themselves with direct benefits.  Take that small plot of land on US 129 and opposite CR132.  It seems one of the superstar, genius’ “Cousins” wanted a place to golf.  Since Hamilton County didn’t have a golf course and there was plenty of money in the severance tax larder, it was a simple maneuver to acquire the property and build a golf course.  However, other “Cousins” had to agree, it was a straightforward matter to support their pet activities.


None of the geniuses bothered to consider whether a golf course in about the poorest County in the State would be economically viable or whether it would create any jobs.  It was real simple; “Cousins” are entitled to anything and everything they want.  It didn’t make any difference that these were and are today, the people’s funds.  Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what would happen.  A Ratt “Cousin” made a bundle on the land sale.  A Ratt “Cousin took home the real estate transaction fee.  A couple Ratt “Cousins” made a haul on the building and golf course construction.  Another whole pile of money was spent on projects to buy votes of all the Ratt “Cousins” who approved the golf course.  And then, the golf course FAILED.  What a surprise!  No one has a job, but the Ratt “Cousins” raked in lots of loot.  Anyone want a rundown and only slightly used golf course? 


I said it before and I’ll say it again.  Any student in Junior Achievement could have and would have done a better job.  For starters, they wouldn’t have wasted a penny on this project.  Governor Scott, until you appoint individuals to the Development Authority who really understand economic development and job creation, you’ll always have nothing more than the Nepotism Authority.  It’s time to be decisive and clean house.  It’s rift with nepotism and corruption.  There seems to be no end to the Ratt’s “Cousins” who want to feed at the trough.  By the way “Cousins” you know the time has come to end nepotism, pedophilia, nepiophilia, ephebophilia, drugs, bribes, fraud or other corrupt activities in all of Hamilton County. 

Apparently, the Feds have a ton of information and it probably goes beyond White Springs.  If you have relevant information, get it to the Feds.  Don’t let the Ratt throw you under the buss; cut yourself a deal and don’t be the one who spends the rest of his/her life behind bars.  Call the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000, while you still have a chance to save yourself and your family.


Watch out for Ratt driven Buses.  It’s Day 50 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Watch continues

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