The RHATT Watch Day 54

The RHATT Watch

Day 54


Today is Monday, June 18th, Day 54 of the Rhatt Watch.  Hey “Cousins”, word from Jacksonville is the Feds have spoken with not one, but several of you.  Congratulations!  You made the smart move.  I hope you get the deal that you want.  Also there are indications the subjects you have discussed with the Feds go far beyond the town boundaries for White Springs.   


Apparently, the activities discussed involve a substantial portion of Hamilton County as well as a couple of adjacent Counties.  It appears the Feds have a ton of information to verify as well as a mountain of materials to address.  Any thought on what the Feds may have?

I guess that depends on which of the “Cousins” have undertaken the sojourn to Jacksonville and how many times they have gone there and for how long they remained there? In little ‘ole White Springs, everyone pretty much knows everything that’s gone on and I suspect that’s pretty much the case across Hamilton County. This means any “Cousins” who made the trip, probably knew and had more, rather than less, to share with anyone. Each of the “Cousins” probably made for interesting talks with the Feds.  It’s a good bet that the “Cousins” who have been talking with the Feds will continue to work with them.  It’s part of any deal they make.  It could also mean that at some juncture, they may work with State Authorities.  It’s possible that a grand jury has been impaneled and one, or more, of the “Cousins” have made appearances before the Grand Jury.  If that’s the case, when the Feds are ready, we should see a lot of action.  Could be Hamilton County gets to clean house.

For the rest of you “Cousins”, keep on resisting and just hang in there because that’s what the Ratt told you to do.  Say, you’re strong and you’ll never talk.  The Feds just love situations like this.  The more a culprit resists, the harsher the penalty the Feds seek.   Think about this! Right now, it looks like they have a lot of evidence; Maybe they are looking for more because there’s a bigger fish than you or a more severe crime.  If that’s the case, you still have an opportunity.  Otherwise, they have the scoop and they can begin putting people, including you, away almost any day they want.  When they go to Court, it’s going to be a slam dunk.  And if you haven’t been to Jacksonville to have your chat, you’ll be the one getting dunked.

Citizens of White Springs, I trust that you have had enough crime and corruption by the Red-face Ratt, druggie Laptop Tebo, Mindless “Splain’ it to me” Tonja, Suck-up “I’m your Boy” Lofty and Cousins Pam, Andrew and Steve.  If not, they’ll continue paying full time for part time positions, paying for not service rendered billing statements, writing “Conflict of Interest Agreements” to replace services you’re entitled to, and generally destroying White Springs and its infrastructure.  When it comes to your money, it’s like the Ratt says, “Us Cousins gotta stick together”  Quite Simply, White Springs, including Town Hall is no place for nepotism, pedophilia, nepiophilia, ephebophilia, drugs, bribes, fraud, or other corrupt activities.  If you’re fed-up, it’s time you begin taking action and start a recall of corrupt elected officials.  Demand payment practices and “Conflict of Interest Agreements” change and rid Town Hall of all of the culpriits committing these crimes.  Don’t depend on the Police Chief.  She’s compromised and probably should resign or be removed.  Apparently, several “Cousins” made the trip to Jacksonville and have moved the ball forward.  I suspect the Feds are open to any additional information, materials and help anyone is wiling to offer.  If you want White Springs cleaned up, this is the best option available for everyone.  Take the ride! Or, call the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.  Don’t wait.  Have your chat as soon as possible.

Clean-up Time, it’s Day 54 and Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Watch continues! .   


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