The RHATT Watch Day 48

The RHATT Watch

Day 48

Today is Tuesday, June 12th, Day 48 of the Rhatt Watch.  We are learning a little about what might have been in the document taken by the Feds.  A knowledgeable source who has spoken with the Feds indicates the documents appear to include information about fraudulent payments made to individuals who had not rendered services and falsified their billing records.  Indications are that as many as 169 transactions may have been involved.  Apparently, everyone in Town Hall knew and was complicit to these activities.  Think about that! This was your money.  These were funds that you went to your job every day, put in a full day, and possibly more, of demanding work, and then the Ratt and the Town of White Springs gave your hard earned funds away.


It’s upsetting, but here’s the flip-side.  Guess what Ratt?  Guess what Lapdog Tebo?  Guess what Cousin Pam?  That’s 169 counts at three to five years, or more on each count.  Cousin Pam, you know what that means! After you’ve passed away, it will be another 500 or more years before they release your remains for a proper burial.  And this is just for the Ratt, Lapdog Tebo and Cousin Pam making the payments. It doesn’t even count the charges against the individuals who falsified their billings and accepted the payments.  Hey, Cousin Pam, this is your wake up call.  Looks like you are just as toxic as the Ratt and the Lapdog.  When the Feds get finished here, you and a number of individuals should be in prison for the rest of your and their lives.

Here’s what you have:  Three officials of the Town of White Springs, each potentially guilty of crimes that would land them in prison for 500 or more years a piece;  and, several other individuals potentially guilty of crimes punishable by over a combined thousand years of prison.  Not even a writer for a Hollywood movie could make this up.  However, apparently in White Spring this is real.


Where was law enforcement hanging out while this was taking place?  The White Springs Police Chief has an office just down the hall from Cousin Pam and not that far from the Lapdog,… If and when she shows up, in White Springs, for work.  Do you think it’s realistic that the Chief knew nothing?  Give me a break!! What do you believe the Feds are thinking?  Do I hear “cover up?”.  Guess what Chief?  The Feds may have a surprise for you too.


White Springs, the story is coming out.  What are you going to do now?  I hope It’s not, sit back, do nothing, and wait for someone else to clean up the mess.  Yeh, you put ‘em there and you have a responsibility also.  And Governor Scott, the rotten parts of this Administration are a stain on the State of Florida.  You too, have the authority and responsibility to act.  If White Springs fails to do so.  And Mr. State’s Attorney, if the rotten parts of this Administration are your “Cousins”, I guess we’ll understand you sitting back and doing nothing.  As the Ratt says, “Us, Cousins gotta stick together”.  Otherwise I suggest you apply some of the resources of your office to investigate and prosecute the guilty parties.  Chief, it’s time for you to redeem your integrity.  You’ve known or should have known, for a very long time how much corruption has been ongoing in Town Hall.  Use the hints that have leaked to do your job.  And for all the rest of the “Cousins”, the time has come to end pedophilia, nepiophilia, ephebophilia, drugs, bribes, fraud, or other corrupt activities in White Springs and all of Hamilton County.  If you’ve been involved or have relevant information, add it to what the Feds already have.  Cut yourself a deal and don’t be the one who spends the rest of his/her life behind bars.  It’s not a country club.  Call the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.  You still have a chance to save yourself.


Tell the Sheriff to help the Chief.  It’s day 48 and Red-Face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Watch continues!


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