The RHATT Watch Day 41

The RHATT Watch

Day 41


Today is Tuesday, June 5th, Day 41 of the Rhatt Watch.  You probably work very hard for your money.  You go to work every day.  You put a full day on the job and when you return home, you’re pretty tired.   Part of your hard earned funds are paid as taxes or other service fees to the Town of White Springs.  I’m certain you would like the people who receive any of those funds, to work just as hard for every dollar, as you did to earn them.

Well, let’s take a look at What White Springs does with your hard earned money.  A few years back, when Robert Townsend was Town Manager, he was also responsible for the operation of the water and wastewater plants.  After he resigned, the Town hired a consultant to care for the two plants.  Basically they are fully automated processes and need only a daily check.   On an extreme day, it requires less than two hours to complete everything at the water and wastewater plants.


When the Ratt arrived, he converted the water and wastewater function from a part-time to a full-time position and he gave it to “Cousin” Andrew Greene.  The Town now uses your money to pay Cousin  Andrew for forty hours each week for work, that might require ten or less hours a week to complete.


It get’s worse.  At the same time that Cousin Andrew is being paid full time for a part-time Town job, he is paid an additional five thousand dollars annually to play Fire Marshall – something apparently he’s unqualified for, and if he decides to respond to a fire, he is given additional compensation, thousands per year.  What makes this laughable is that Cousin Andrew, with plenty of time on his hands, only responded to 10 to 15 percent of fire calls and he earned a substandard rating at that.


But there’s more.  As a reward for destroying evidence in Cousin Bobby’s sex assault scandal, the Ratt apparently provided Cousin Andrew with a new Emergency Response vehicle for his personal use and a Town credit card for all his expenses.  By the way, on many days, Cousin Andrew doesn’t bother to remain in White Springs for the full workday and that Emergency Response vehicle, well let’s hope there’s  no emergency, because the vehicle isn’t in White Springs.  Ain’t it great being a “Cousin”?  As the Ratt says “Us Cousins gotta stick together.  And that means sticking it to everyone else in White Springs.

That’s bad enough, but it gets worse.  The Town’s financial  procedures going back decades gives the Town Manager, now the Lapdog, the authority to make expenditures up to $2,500 without the Council’s approval.   Not too long ago, a former Town employee brought a discrimination action against the Town Manager.   Immediately, the Lapdog undertook to defend herself.  Without bringing the matter before the Council for their input and approval, the  Lapdog misled the Town’s attorney, Koberlein, and instructed him to engage outside council.  That action was equivalent to stealing Town funds and cost the town over $25,000 of your hard earned dollars.  Want to hear more?   Since the Ratt came to power and anointed the Lapdog, the Town has been paying individuals, somewhere between $50,000 and $100,000, who have done no work for the Town.  Not a single dollar of these payments were voted on and approved by the Council.  Check the minutes.  I did!  It’s a violation of Florida Statute  for the Lapdog to authorize it.  It’s a violation of the Florida Statute for Cousin Pam to make the Payment and it’s a violation for the individuals to accept and keep the funds.  It’s your bank they are robbing; but you know what the Ratt says.

Ok White Springs; There’s more.   I could probably write a book on the misappropriations of your hard earned dollars by the Ratt, his druggie Lapdog, Cousin Pam and the flunkies.  Now you know and now it’s your turn to do something.  White Springs’ Police Department, you already  know it’s true and that everyone of them should be behind bars.  The Feds are coming!  If you’ve been part of the pedophilia, nepiophilia, ephebophilia, drugs, bribes and fraud, cut your best deal.  Call the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000 before it’s too  late.  The Feds play hardball.  You won’t get a second chance.


Use your Time Wisely.  It’s Day 41 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Watch continues


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