The Plight of Small Towns and the Councilors who will do nothing to benefit the Citizens

Small Towns and their elected officials just cannot seem to handle their fiduciary duties to its Citizens. Instead, all decisions seem to be based on individual egos, stemming from their own lack of some form of prestige they did not receive in prior jobs or while attending school.  This is compounded by the need to be liked so they will say anything to look important even if it is illogical or it would cost a fortune to institute.  Their basic need is to receive some justification from relatives and friends that they are smart and important.  No one seems to care if a candidate has a solid plan, or if they have the education to understand such things as finances and the ability to read and comprehend what they have read. Instead elections are based upon the color of one’s skin, the number of relatives who will vote for them, how charming a personality they have even if they consistently lie and how many of their friends are ignorant enough to stroke their Ego?  This is a sad state of affairs and has caused sheer lawlessness as well as placing the wrong people in for the most important positions.


The people in White Springs seem to worry more about a possible theft of property rather than worrying about losing everything one owns in a Fire.  It can happen, and it happened to the Systrunks in November of 2015, and with only one firefighter responding, everything was lost.  You have been told for almost 20 months that we don’t have a viable fire department in White Springs, only names on a roster who live at least 30 minutes away.  Your council members are so afraid to go against the status quo that they will not question why the majority of responses are from the Hamilton County EMS, the Genoa FD, and the WSPD.  The Sheriff’s report shows WSFD as not responding to most of these calls. Only of late when the Chief paid out of town firefighters $100 a day, were there responses. But do you hear one complaint?  Mayor Miller showed where we are well over the WSFD budget Our Council Members just praise the response time of the EMT’s and the WSFD takes the credit.  Is there a logical councilor out there?  And then you expect to be paid by Hamilton County for doing nothing.

Since the smaller municipalities seem to hire Managers whose only management capabilities are threats, things will never change for the better.  Former City of Jasper Manager Charles L. Williams and his spouse now are suing the City of Jasper, Mayor Lumpkin, Jennifer Hightower, Yvetta Hightower,esquire and Margie Geddes stipulating extreme humiliation, embarrassment and mental anguish, pain and suffering, etc as a result of what he calls a conspiracy to commit defamation and elicit a false arrest. He contradicts what has been reported to the States Attorney as well as to the Police, making himself the epitome of a person whose character and traits have been branded wrongly by the media and to the public by stating he is violently threatening with a firearm and dangerous. Even his actions, by means of public records, at council meetings would agree it was threatening. In White Springs we have a similar situation, but the threats at this time only involve the fact that the Town Manager is the boss, she will terminate your employment if you dare to speak up, and she also loves to sue people and municipalities, not realizing it is her actions that constitute a problem.   Before hiring, check backgrounds!


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