The Plantation mentality still remains in White Springs and Voters really need to start being aware of what is happening to them

Before I go into the politics of White Springs at present, I wish to bring some factual information regarding history and those who do not like others who do not think in the same manner as they do.

Let’s talk about Donald Trump and The Democratic Party as it is today (unlike the days of John F. Kennedy).   Not only have the Democrats disparaged him but many establishment Republicans who like getting money from lobbyists which Trump is not allowing dislike him.  We needed a president who has his own money and who no one can control.  I believe God is giving us another chance with President Trump at the helm and it is time White Springs started investigating the swamp at Town Hall.

You have heard me say this before and if you are interested, go to sites on the internet and determine for yourself that what I am stating is fact.

  • The first slave owner in America was a Black Man.
  • Although some of our presidents and others had slaves as did other countries, they were indentured slaves; meaning after a number of years, they would be provided land or other property for their services. Other countries even included white slaves.  It was the sign of the times and White Women had to fight to have all women have the right to vote.
  • 30% of Republicans died fighting for the freedom of Black Slaves, at the hands of democrats who started the KKK.
  • The Republicans were the ones who fought for freedom of all men while the Democrats voted against such.
  • Margaret Sanger, a woman Hillary Clinton admired, wished for fewer Black Children so that the Black population did not grow, looking into abortions and birth control. She did not wish the Black population to succeed but rather to be minimized so that Blacks could be controlled.
  • The NRA was started so that Black Men would have the opportunity to protect their families. If we listened to the Democrats and banned guns, we would be pre-Hitler.  The Jews in Germany turned in all of their guns and as a result were gassed to death in death camps and killed and starved.

Now we have a similar situation in White Springs, where Rhett Bullard has control of each of your lives.  When he is not trying to buy your votes, he is threatening and bribing the rest of you so that you succumb to his desires, not yours.


He knows that the population is mainly Black /African American and as a result knows what your weaknesses are.  He can provide you with a little cash, some beer, liquor and sometimes some perhaps a few illegal drugs…at least that is what is being rumored.   Unfortunately, people are afraid to come forward and I cannot understand why the majority of you will not stand up for your rights.

I have been so proud of Nikki Williams and Anita Rivers who continue to fight for your rights.  Many times I compare what this Town has done to Joe Griffin to what is happening to our current POTUS.  Joe has always believed in the rights of people and that the laws should be followed.  Yet we have had some very lazy and inefficient white people who have worked in Town Hall for years.  They did not need an education nor did they have to work very hard, they only had to retain the officials and other employees secrets.


We have heard some very bad things about what the Bullards have done and Rhett seems to be the biggest perpetrator of all.  Many of you in the streets know what he has done but you feel you have an edge and that he will give you a little something to never speak about it.  That is sad indeed.  What has he done for this town?   Well he finally put in a movie night because Spencer Lofton apparently was told that Movie Night was something desired and it has not happened since Anita Rivers was discriminated against and terminated (Anyone reading the transcripts would have come to this conclusion no matter what the summary stated).

Spencer Lofton is good at criticizing others and in fact we have a video that was done during his running for School superintendent where he criticized Blacks.  Now I am uncertain what color his soul is because he, like all the White Officials, has criticized Joe Griffin throughout the years.   It all equates to Joe being a “Bad Man”.  However, those that have come to know Joe realize he has a great sense of humor, is very intelligent, knows the Sunshine Laws like the back of his hand and believes in fairness and justice for all.

For years Joe has made suggestions on how to better the Town including but not limited to complaints, requests, budgets and information on the blog.   Mr. Lofton along with current and past officials have chastised Joe Griffin and for what…because of his “presentation”.  However, that has been Walter McKenzie’s complaint as well.


Now I have been around the block myself and my education and experience has assisted me in the private sector greatly as it has for Joe even though he was in the Military for over 20 years.  Yet what I find hilarious is the fact that because you like blaming Joe Griffin for your own problems, you do not realize that I probably write about 60% of the blog articles on White Springs Journal.   Yet, neither of us are good enough to even be a volunteer, because of the lies you have spread, mainly about Joe.

It does not matter because not only do we know the truth, but God also realizes what is going on and I must admit he has stuck by me throughout my life protecting me and my loved ones from the evil dispelled against me.  That is why so many of you have experienced what most believe to be Karma.

Now you have had another chance to vote for someone like Helen Miller who has fought and will continue to fight for you. Within this last year Helen Miller has learned much about those who have been in office and on staff who have continually lied to you. And thankfully she had just enough votes to beat Willie Jefferson by four votes.

If You attended the hearing for Helen Miller you obviously saw the dark side of Rhett Bullard and the mindless votes of Tonja and Willie.These officials with the assistance of Town Manager Stacy Tebo felt they could  keep Helen Miller from winning back her seat.  Willie Jefferson  was intended to get his seat back and Walter Natteal was to steal enough votes from Miller so that she definitely would have lost.  But that did not happen thankfully.

 We do not know why Rhett elected not to be appointed Mayor again and it was obvious for reasons unknown that Lofton was chosen by Tonja and Rhett for the purpose of becoming the next Mayor of White Springs.  We are not certain if Rhett is pulling back because he is realizing the corruption of his term with Stacy Tebo or if he is fixing to place certain people under the bus and then resign from the council entirely.

If Tonja Brown gets her way with the Charter  Committee, we will not only have officials for a two year period but for a period of four years which scares the heck out of me.   I do not forsee economic growth with the majority of the councilors (which includes Mayor Lofton) and so, they will undertake breaking the law like they usually do and heaven knows what will happen.

Mayor Lofton states he wishes to help the people but does not appear to listen to those who tell him what he needs.  For instance, we have been fighting to get back our former fire fighters and it goes on deaf ears.    We have mentioned over and over again that complaints should be considered and his way of handling thing is in the darkness, if handled at all.  Joe has written to him various times to respond to inquiries that are necessary and he has chosen not to respond.  We are not certain if his excuse of honey do’s since he moved in his house are the problem or if his computer is not up.

But what is perplexing is that we need some honest, law abiding, efficient people in Town hall who are not on drugs or e-cigarette Marijuana.  Our Town Manager and Finance Director need to be looked into.

And we told you that if you do not wish a Racist on the council who is virtually out of his league, do not vote for Stuart Lofton.  Yet he received the majority of the votes and we are not certain why exactly you decided in this manner.  But I can tell you he will treat you as he previously treated your children when he was handling the H.O.P.E. program and that is not good.  Anyone who would steal food from the H.O.P.E. program and bring it home to give your own child a party does not have my respect. He disparaged the Black population when running for superintendent of school and I am not certain if he believes by doing so it makes him more White, but it is disgusting.   We all have souls and our blood is red. But Mr. Lofton appears to really dislike White people, except for Rhett.

Don’t let Rhett Bullard buy or bully you any more. He has been hiding many secrets and as a result is fearful of getting rid of Stacy Tebo.  He pretends to be one’s friend but he will easily stab you in the back.  Don’t let Rhett Bullard make you believe in a plantation mentality whereby you have to say “Yes Masser” to every one of his requests.

As for Willie Jefferson, it’s nice that he has used his positions as Deputy Sheriff and now Corrections officer to get his son out of Jail.  Instead of teaching his son lessons, he uses yellow Bonds to not have to pay a bondsman and has friends in the county so that his son, up until now, has not had to spend any jail time.  Yet Rhett’s half brother Stanley has never been helped by the Bullard family so what makes you think he will help you in any way.


Get rid of the stranglehold these officials have on you and do what’s right for you….not what is right for them.

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