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“You are the coward who hides behind your fat wife’s skirts, ugly hats and computer and if you are challenged all you will do is threaten with a law suit instead of fighting like a man. You and your ugly wife are just envious of the people of WS who are successful, handsome and worked hard to have some money now. Your envy is eating you alive.”

Pretty Camel

Since we know Mary Bullard is part of the Camel Club it is possible that she actually wrote this as Pretty Camel .  If she did write this and has been one of the who continually denies it, I  understand why Rhett turned red when I spoke highly of the Bullard family once when I was crazy enough to believe in him.

Obviously the Bullards have not spoken well of Joe or I .  The only reason the attacks against us stopped is because I apprised everyone of the Cyber Stalking Harassment statute.   And, if Fouraker would have done his job, and given these e-mails to FDLE, all would have been the ones arrested, not us. The Town did try to arrest us for Cyber-stalking Harassment, but a blog does not constitute harassment; e-mails like the ones the Camel Club sent us however do.

You do not know very much about Joe or I.  You have never been very nice to us.  But knowing that you are part of this group and how you have disparaged us for things we did not do, makes me think much less of you.  What do you have to brag about…a one time felon in your family for taking money (I bet no one went after Johnny’s PTI like the Town did to us; recently getting fired for a job and even he dares to say “it is our bailiwick”.  Well this is yours Mary Bullard and you should be very ashamed of the way you treat other people. Karma will reign supreme on you for your lies.  It appears your family has so many skeletons that I would be afraid to open the closet door.

Your comments that we have not worked hard are ridiculous. You have no idea what we have done in our lives. I am retired and I soon will be 71.  And the reason Joe is on disability is because your nephew called his employer and had him fired.  When he found a like job, it was for a tanker firm and he then fell because of the pressure in the tank and spent 11.5 months in a hospital with a shattered pelvis and not anticipating to live.  The Town did this to him and I cannot forget or forgive you for the nasty comments you made about him even while he was in the hospital.

You claimed Mrs. Woodard was attacked and Ed Miller tried to have the FBI  arrest Joe. It did not happen; where were the bruises.  He did not attack Mrs. Woodard; he scared her because she was concentrating on her computer.  He sometimes scares me if he speaks when I am concentrating but that does not mean he attacked me. Anyway if that lie were true I am certain Woody Woodard would have come after Joe. What is wrong with you people?.  You should be proud of your heritage and quit picking on people who move to White Springs.  We have done nothing to you except object to your nephew who was a pedophile and who worked with children in the HOPE program.  Don’t you feel what he did was wrong?  He escaped justice and the statute of limitation ran but it is not something to be proud of.

Please clean out your closet before trying to clean out someone else’s closet in the future.  You are a very nasty and hurtful woman in the least, who wouldn’t know the truth if you saw it.

Why did I bring this up again?  Well it is because I wished to make certain people knew allegedly who you were and what your corrupt family has done to us in so many ways.

Karin for the blog

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