The last vitamin you’d expect  to save your heart

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The last vitamin you’d expect
to save your heart

By the time you finish reading this, someone will have died from a heart attack, stroke, heart failure or another deadly form of heart disease.

Cardiovascular diseases claim more lives each year than all forms of cancer and lung diseases combined. You or someone you love may already be living with heart problems, a ticking time bomb that could claim your life at any moment.

There are a number of drugs standard doctors use to treat everything from high blood pressure to elevated cholesterol. Mostly, they don’t work, and worse, the dangers of these medications — from the muscle and kidney damage that can come with statins, to the headaches and sexual dysfunction you can get when taking prescriptions for hypertension — can’t be denied.

There’s a better way to improve your heart health. Something completely natural, totally healthy and side-effect free. Something that can not only help prevent heart problems, but repair damaged blood vessels after you’ve suffered from a heart attack or stroke.

A team of researchers at Ohio University set out to discover the impact of a single vitamin on the cells that line the surface of your blood vessels — your endothelial cells. These are the cells that suffer extensive damage after you have a heart attack or a stroke.

The vitamin they tested was vitamin D.

You know it’s important for your bone health, a strong immune system, the health of your brain, slowing aging and avoiding cancer, right? Well, get ready to make it your most important heart health supplement too.

The researchers used nanosensors to track the impact of vitamin D on the individual cells as well as to measure levels of nitric oxide, which increases blood flow and can help protect your blood vessels from the damage caused by conditions that lead to heart disease.

Not only did vitamin D repair damage to endothelial cells, helping restore them to their pre-heart attack or stroke condition, but it also reduced the level of oxidative stress throughout the cardiovascular system by stimulating nitric oxide (NO) concentrations — providing the vital blood flow your heart needs to be healthy.

The results were so impressive that the researchers had this to say, “This is a very inexpensive solution to repair the cardiovascular system. We don’t have to develop a new drug. We already have it.”

If you want to live heart-healthy, vitamin D may just be one of the single most important supplements you can take.

And don’t forget what grape seed extract and vitamin K2 can also do for the health of your blood vessels and blood flow. Together these nutrients can help your arteries maintain their ability to relax and open for healthy blood flow, as well as helping to activate NO for healthier endothelial cells as well.

Look for the D3 form as it is the biologically active form. It’s twice as effective for increasing your body’s vitamin D levels compared to plain old D2.

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Bob Livingston
Bob Livingston
Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter™ 

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