The Hell we are going to apologize


Under what circumstances should I apologize to the Council for the manner in which I speak or show my frustrations.  I know that is what Mayor Lofty wishes but after 18 years of the Council having broken the laws of the State and Municipality and even their own Standard Operating Procedures I fail to understand why I should ever apologize.  The problem is they have never apologized to Karin or I for the manner in which they have treated us all of these years.

They regularly FLAUNT the Public Records Laws, they regularly fail to abide by the Sunshine Law, They don’t self govern themselves when it comes to the State Ethics Laws and the don’t enforce Municipal Ordinances on those that are considered their “friends” and enforce the codes on those seen as their “enemies

So Mayor Lofty, and even Mayor McKenzie, from my perspective it is the council who should apologize to the citizens as a whole and to me and Karin personally for all of their self serving expenditure of public funds to keep their illegal activities from coming to light and  from coming into the Sunshine.

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