The Cunningham Issue and the State’s Attorney prior to our friend Skip Jarvis taking over the position did not understand the law

On the Cunningham issue, it took six months for the town to admit that Joe Griffin’s truck had not taken down any wires. As for Walter McKenzie’s comments, he said Griffin’s truck was too big.  Then council man Earle Barnes said McKenzie was wrong that all trucks are measured and weighed on a frequent basis.

As for Jerry Blair, States Attorney, he misrepresented the truth. Curry v State clearly says that defendant’s conduct in making over 40 citizen’s complaints served a legitimate purpose and therefore could not be harassment.

The government in the Sunshine Manual clearly explains that a citizen is not to be inconvenienced in his requests for public records.  This includes a requirement to mail requested documents to the requestor after the required fees are paid.  Mr. Blair’s requirement that Griffin visit his office is legally unfounded.

The time it is supposed to take to release public documents is the limited reasonable amount of time it takes to locate the documents, inspect them for exempt material and provide them to the requestor after the fees are paid.  Therefore, Mr. Blair’s comment relative to there not being a definition for “reasonable” is legally unfounded.

Here we are 19 lawsuits later, 100 citizen’s complaints later and an untold amount of 119 requests later, and the Town doesn’t yet comply with the Sunshine Law, (286.011), The public records law (119), and the State Ethic’s Laws (112.313).   The fact that the Town doesn’t know about these laws doesn’t mean they are not subject to following them.

Attorneys, Stockbrokers, Insurance Agents and a variety of professionals, including Law Enforcement officials are required to take ethics laws.  Yet, thanks to the State of Florida, each employee and council member must take four hours of ethics.  Apparently the state recognizes there are problems relating to Ethics throughout Florida.    How refreshing. Some of the officials in White Springs definitely need the class for perhaps a new perspective on how the rest of the world operates.

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