The council is doing no favors by retaining Stith and his fake fire department – Insurance Premiums will go up and houses will burn down

  1. 25 minutes as response time is unacceptable. Paid departments that are manned 24 /7 have a out the door response of 5 minutes. Most volunteer stations have a 10 minutes response time. When minutes are life and the difference between the too is death. It’s not reasonable to accept the 25 minutes. Also if the department is being paid to work a shift , then it is malingering a volunteer department , but a paid combination department. That’s a different rating for standards and for ISO. If these numbers continue , the be prepared for insurance premiums to rise. Sometimes you can cut your nose off to spite your face. In this case more like cutting g your throat.

  2. The NFRS reports that are filled out and filed after each call answered. Become public record upon filling , so you can do a 119 if your interested in who actually responded.

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