The Big boss can stay where it’s cool – Rank has its privileges

I remember how Officer Bell treated his inmate group which he brought to White Springs to work.  He would treat them like family and was an inspirational leader who was not afraid to pick up a piece of equipment and help the prisoners.

Well the prisoners came by our house yesterday and were busy with a weed eater and other equipment.  It was hot out. I understand but Ray Vaughn had no mercy for the prisoners from what I could see.  He sat in the vehicle with the air conditioner, of course running the vehicle so he could stay cool while he would move it back from one side to another and calling out orders making them do something to the sidewalk which in my opinion was not necessary.

Just saying, he is like the Southern Prison “Boss” and apparently any prisoner is a second class citizen and he feels he has to do nothing to assist them.


Just my opinion

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