Thank you Johnny Bullard for providing us with your brief memories of the house we live in


Johnny Bullard so kindly provided us a history of the home we live in on Mill Street, which is shown below:


“June 4th, 2018

What I am sharing here is based upon family hearsay.  Your home was built in the early 29th Century by Mr. Knowles, who also built Bob Dezendorf’s home.

Your home was rented to a very prominent Gainesville family the Saring Fellow family who owned major hardware business and much commercial property.  They bought the home in the early 1920;s into teens and then sold it to my paternal grandparents, G,L. and Mary J. Bullard in the Mid 30’s.

Our family sold it to Bob and Melissa Thon in the early 90’s.   Lots of great memories there over the fifty plus years.

J. Bullard”


What this home has is a residual spirit finding.  There are many times when a piano has played in our family room, when our piano is actually in the Living Room many feet away.  In fact, a child visitor was extremely frightened by the piano playing and ran back out to where we were barbecuing.


Whomever are those who have left their risidual mark on this home, we know there was music which was not from this century and an abundance of laughter and partying.  Usually these sounds come from our bedroom area and usually are the loudest around 10:00 pm.  Even my daughter who has visited has experienced this when coming into our bedroom.


In any event it was so kind and thoughtful of Johnny Bullard to have provided us with his brief memories which have been passed on by his family.


Thank you Johnny!


Karin for the blog

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