Tebo contracts and buys Water so they do not have to drink White Springs Water The “Watch” was right!!

Mayor Miller stated we have limited revenues and we will start with contractors and vendors.  We need to know what they are doing and we need to make cuts in service and revisit those not cut every two years.  The Council will need to vote on these contractors and vendors.


Now as you know, the majority of people in White Springs will not drink White Springs Water.  Most of you know why and it isn’t because of Mr. Davis but the greenhorns we have hired who do not care about our Town’s water. Furthermore we have hired mainly those who do not live in White Springs so Town Manager Tebo makes certain her staff and herself do not have to drink White Springs Water.  Now mainly we see Aquafina Water Bottles at Town Hall but apparently there was a billing for Lira Water Inc.  Lira Water Inc uses salespersons on line selling the following:

Water for LESS refilling station

LIRA’s Water Refilling Station
Water of your choice……
Mineral water
Purified water
Alkaline water

Do we have a water refilling station at Town Hall?  I think not, unless it is in Tebo’s locked office..  Was this another salesperson Tebo Contacted who was a former or current friend who she wanted to help in his or her business venture?  perhaps.  Let’s face it Tebo is the Purchasing Agent for White Springs and like she said to Mrs. Tom Moore that there is no cap on legal expenses (that protect her); well there is no cap on her spending sprees.  So there you have it, the RHATT Watch was right about the town staff drinking designer water.


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