Tampa Bay Times article advises if one opts out in FL, you will be charged a fee

Duke Energy Florida customers will soon get smart meters — or pay a fee

Duke Energy Florida is switching its home energy meters to smart meters beginning this fall. Customers who want to opt-out of the new meters must pay a fee. Pictured is the Duke Energy logo. | [Courtesy of Duke Energy, 2018]
Published August 7 2018
Updated August 7 2018

Duke Energy Florida is transitioning its home energy meters to smart meters between this fall and 2022. But if customers want to opt out, it will cost them.

Regulators on Tuesday gave the utility permission to charge a monthly fee of $15.60 for any customer who wants to stay with the current meter system.

“The smart meter program will provide customers with more information how they use energy, allowing for more customer control, providing the ability to monitor their usage behavior and empowering them with information to make even smarter energy-saving decisions,” Duke Energy spokesperson Peveeta Persaud said in an email.

The higher monthly fee for customers who object to the change is intended to pay for the labor involved in manually reading the meter.

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