Summation of the Rivers’ case


The Town of White Springs Town Council (a lie because only certain council members were aware of this; not all) retained Attorney, Robert E. Larkin, to conduct an investigation, along with the assistance of Town Attorney, Frederick Koberlein, Jr. into a formal Complaint of discrimination, illegal harassment and abuse against Town Manager, Stacy Tebo.  The complaint was filed by the Town Administrative Assistant Anita Thomas Rivers by electronic mail on the evening of March 27, 2-18 and was sent to the Town Council members Mayor Rhett Bullard and the Town Manager. The complaint then was sent to Attorney Koberlein.


  1. Subjected Anita Rivers to discrimination, illegal harassment or abuse when the allegedly condoned or failed to correct/discipline the Town Public Director Andrew Greene for refusing to communicate with or purposely ignoring Anita Rivers.

Attorney:  There is no evidence to support Rivers’ claims concerning a denial of training with respect to changing garbage rates, clerk training or serving as a poll worker.   Rivers admits that when she told Tebo that she had not been trained in changing the garbage rates, Tebo had Greene train her that day.  The investigation did not reveal any evidence to support Rivers’ claims of illegal discrimination and or harassment by Tebo by condoning or failing to correct Greene’s alleged refusal to communicate with, or purposely ignoring Rivers.  There was no evidence that Greene’s actions were intentional or discriminatory. Several witnesses testified that due to Greene’s busy schedule and his inaccessibility, there are often times when he cannot be reached immediately.  (Various times I saw Greene sitting in the park talking to others or watching Kenny Hutcherson working.  Remember Townsend did Greene’s job in one-half day and could always be reached.  Insofar as clerk training, Anita had an opportunity to take the course during Lawrence’s time; however, she was required to pay for it for which we would have assisted.  But Pam having tenure decided she was going to go, and for what?).  Rivers admits that after she complained to Tebo the second time about Greene’s alleged refusal to communicate with her, Tebo discussed it with him and the matter has been resolved.

Although not disclosed in her testimony on or about July 28, 2015, former Town Manager Shirley Heath (Pam Tomlinson’s closest friend and cohort) also denied Rivers request to go to Florida Association of Court Clerks training for Clerk Certification.  Evidently Rivers had told several people that she was not approved to attend the training and that “Joe” had it on his blog and Heath counseled Rivers that she needed to be careful who she was talking to.

Rivers last allegation concerns her failure to receive training on how to make garbage rate changes.  She alleges that when she was first hired, she was only trained by Greene on how to enter bills, take payments and put new customers in the system.

The attorney concluded that the Town has a Personnel Manual (which they do not read; especially areas resulting in time off i.e. no more than 30 days.  They only read what benefits the Town Manager and certain councilors.) which prohibits discrimination and harassment as well as Administrative Manual Standard Operating Guidelines stating all employees shall take direction from the Town Manager or designee.

Rivers stated she had a good relationship with Tebo and the relationship changed in August or September 2016.  Since that time she has noticed that Tebo and her coworkers (Tomlinson and Greene) are not speaking to her or including her in workplace decisions.  Rivers believes that her relationship with Tebo officially changed when she stopped organizing “movie night” for the Town in October 2016.  Rivers stopped because Brown and Bullard would do things to purposely aggravate her (i.e.; not paying for candy and food and constantly complaining during the movie) and that Tebo would not stop them.   Tebo however could not complain about Brown and Bullards actions because they were council members and Tebo’s supervisors. (As I stated previously Brown was jealous of Rivers who is an efficient intelligent woman, something Brown is not)


  1. Although Tebo denied Rivers clerk training (which past managers have done)) it is undisputed that Rivers does not serve as the Town Clerk. (In other words the Town will not allow an employee to advance themselves with the required courses, especially since Pam technically is retired and our Charter states there should be a bookkeeper and a separate Town Clerk).  Tebo also refused to permit Rivers to serve as a poll worker based upon a citizen’s announced intent to challenge the election results and consequently Tebo did not permit any Town employees to serve as a poll worker. (But Tebo did include Pam Tomlinson and herself at the Table with the poll workers and what did a challenge of election results have to do with it?).

Rivers learned that a local citizen, Joe Griffin, intended to contest the upcoming election.  As a result Tebo denied her the ability to serve as a poll worker, because Tebo does not believe it’s wise to have a current employee work in the elections.  Rivers, however, believes Tebo “used it as an excuse to keep her from working”.  (If an election is contested it goes to the Elections Commission, not the polling booth and there was reason to contest the election since they would not approve Richard Marshall’s application because one voter forgot a date).


  1. There is evidence to support Rivers’ allegation that on one occasion Tebo raised her voice at Rivers telling her to “JUST STOP IT”. (and that she did not want to hear her complain anymore about anything) The remark did not arise to the level of illegal harassment because it was an isolated incident and did not affect Rivers’ employment. Tebo asked Rivers about a ticket sent to IT by Chief Tracy Rodriquenz on her behalf. Rivers explained she could not access her e-mail.  Tebo instructed Pam Tomlinson to reset Rivers’ password and after doing so, instead of calling Rivers with the password, she Called Tebo.  That is when Ms. Tebo responded by yelling at Rivers “JUST STOP IT” AND THAT SHE DOES NOT WANT TO HEAR Rivers complaining anymore about anything.   Officer Bradley Meeks was a witness to the entire conversation as he was standing at the fax machine.  Fire Chief Kevin Pittman was in Ms. Tebo’s office, so he also witnessed the incident of March 26, 2017.


Tebo’s remarks were made in response to Rivers’ openly questioning and attributing an animus to Tomlinson resetting her password that she was purposefully avoiding communicating with her. This is a sentiment that Rivers frequently expressed about Tomlinson and others, which has been denied by Tomlinson (and others). During the investigation Rivers claimed that she was being subjected to continued discrimination, harassment and retaliation by Tebo and others.    Although Rivers believes that she has also been discriminated against by the Town Finance Director, Pam Tomlinson, the instant complaint concerns only Tebo.   Rivers claims she filed her first complaint to Tebo in July 2016 about Tomlinson using profanity (“damn”) during a communication with her.


Officer Bradley Allen Meeks considers Rivers to be a friend.  Meeks witnessed the incident where Tebo raised her voice at rivers “just stop it”.  Meeks recalls standing at the fax machine and witnessing Rivers inform Tebo that her e-mail was not working or that she could not log on.  He states that Tebo began “raising her voice about how she didn’t want to hear any more about the e-mail, no more complaining about the e-mail, this, that and other”.

Meeks thought Tebo’s remarks were “a little excessive” and stated to Rivers that he was “sorry you have to deal with that because I wouldn’t have’


Tebo contends that Rivers did not author the complaint in that its grammar differs from other documents that Rivers has authored and it was submitted after 10:00 pm which is when Rivers goes to bed. (How would Tebo know when Rivers goes to bed?  After receiving the council briefing packets, we called Rivers, who would not discuss anything with us.  But she was awake for our 10:00 pm call.).   Furthermore Rivers testified that she authored this formal complaint on her personal computer without any assistance and that she only spoke to her husband and mother before doing so.

Tebo provided an August 22, 2016 Facebook post from Rivers about the Town’s movie night which she received complaints about.  It states “The post may support Tebo’s claim that Rivers’ March 27th Complaint may not have been authored by her.  (WHAT A STUPID ASSUMPTION.  WE HAVE LETTERS ANITA HAS EXCHANGED WITH HELEN MILLER WHICH ARE EXTREMELY PROFESSIONAL.   WHEN ONE WRITES ON FACEBOOK, THEY DO NOT WRITE IN THE SAME MANNER AS ONE WHO WRITES A FORMAL LETTER OR COMPLAINT.  GIVE US A BREAK!)

Fire Chief Kevin Pittman recalls going to the Town Hall to pick up some paperwork with Assistant Chief Greene.  Upon entering he observed Officer Meeks at the photocopier and he and Greene then knocked on Tebo’s office doorsill.  It appeared to Pittman that Tebo seemed “kind of flustered” or “aggravated”, although there was no indication that she was physically upset.   Pittman spoke to Tebo for approximately 5-10 minutes and then returned with Greene to the Fire Station.    While in route, he interacted briefly with Rivers and “she just acted kind of like she normally did”.

Later that afternoon Officer Meeks told Pittman that he witnessed Tebo and Rivers “exchanging back and forth at each other “concerning e-mails.  Meeks indicated that both of them seemed upset.

Rivers confides in Rodriquenz about her issues with Tebo, Tomlinson, council members and citizens.  Rivers has complained to her about Tomlinson’s use of e-cigarettes.  Rivers has also told her that Tebo counseled her about a Facebook post regarding May Day and then required her to take a webinar on social media.

Rivers also told her about the incident where the cash drawer was $512.00 short.  She recalls Rivers vocalizing her concern that she was getting blamed for the shortage, “when Ms. Pam makes mistakes continuously”.  Rodriquenz does not disclose Rivers’ confidence to Tebo.

Rodriquenz has heard Rivers claim that she was being discriminated against by Tebo and Tomlinson based on her race several times, but Rivers did not report this to her.  Rodriquenz, however, has not witnessed any action by Tebo or Tomlinson that she considered discriminator or harassing toward Rivers 

Rodriquenz believes that prior to breaking her leg in December 2015, Rivers, Tebo and Tomlinson had a good rapport with each other.  However, beginning in April 2016, things changed.  She recalls being “alarmed” when she witnessed Tebo raise her voice and tell Rivers “just stop it”.  Rivers then began crying and went in Rodriquenz’ office and stated that “She’s never been talked to like this in her life and she doesn’t understand why she is being talked to like this and she’s tired of being treated like this and it’s got to stop”

Rodriquenz has not witnessed Rivers cry at work.  In the past she has had to calm her down when she and Tomlinson were “going at it”.

Rivers complained to Rodriquenz that she could not serve as a poll worker in an upcoming election and she had no firsthand knowledge why Tebo made this decision.  Rivers has also vocalized her complaints (from her desk) about being excluded from meetings (i.e. auditor and bank) by Tebo and Tomlinson.

Rodriquenz admits that she “always” uses profanity in the workplace and that Rivers “gets on to me sometimes” about it.  


Rivers admitted not having a friendly history with her.  During late 2014 (prior to Tebo’s hire) Rivers filed an ethics complaint against Brown because Brown had told the former Town Manager Bill Lawrence that he needed to fire her, which she believed that Brown did not have the authority to do.  Rivers believes that Brown has brought complaints to Tebo about her Facebook posts and other matters which has resulted in Tebo Counseling her about them. (I.e. relating to ungrateful people who were receiving governmental assistance and for announcing golf cart restrictions concerning the May Day Celebration).   Rivers admits that she has never been formal disciplined by Tebo and has not been negatively evaluated or denied any pay increases.  Rivers’ ethics complaint against Brown also made her suspicious of sabotage by the former Town Manager Lawrence and others.  (I know for a fact that something turned former Manager Lawrence against Rivers because he mentioned it in a casual conversation that Tomlinson was the only one he could trust; We advised him to the Contrary and we know Tonja Brown will take a vengeance against anyone that does not agree with her or bow down to her)) Rivers discovered a sticky note that Council Member Brown had dropped where Tebo had written that Brown was not to talk with Rivers about something, which further bolstered her perceptions of not being included. Rivers assumed it was about the Carver School Grant and according to Tebo, Rivers’ friends have authorized a protest letter advocating against its demolition.  (You will recall our blog included a statement by Tebo stating the “Town” NOT the Citizens own Carver School and they can do what they want with it.  Yet they make certain decisions are made only with Brown, Jefferson, Bullard and Tebo, out of the sunshine laws and without notices of hearings to the citizens)




Rivers began having interpersonal problems with Tomlinson almost immediately after she was hired.  Rivers’ strained relationship with Tomlinson evidently has continued from Town Manager Farley through Tebo and she has made complaints about Tomlinson to every Town Manager.   She contends Tomlinson is rude to many people, including Town employees Tebo, Greene and Attorney Koberlein and Town customers (Joe can vouch for that and that “damned” word more than once came out).

Although Rivers is not the Town Clerk, she would like to learn how to be a deputy clerk, so that in the event the Town Clerk retires, she could pursue that position.   Accordingly when Bill Lawrence was the Town Manager she applied to attend a clerk training class, which he allowed.  However, when Tomlinson discovered that Rivers was going to clerk training she “threw a fit” and “went to screaming and yelling at Bill”, asking why Rivers was attending and Clerk’s duties.  Notwithstanding Lawrence still allowed Rivers to attend that October training class, but thereafter Lawrence told her and Tomlinson that they would have to alternate, the quarterly classes.  According to Rivers, Tomlinson did not show any interest in the next two classes and consequently, she re-applied for the following October class.  Again when Tomlinson discovered that Lawrence had once again approved her to attend the class “she flew off the handle” and “made him change his mind”.   When Tebo became Town Manager (beginning 2016) Rivers asked her if she could go to the clerk training class.  According to Rivers, Tebo initially stated that she would look into it, but then later told Rivers that she did not “see the need for it”.   Rivers suspects that Tomlinson dissuaded Tebo from allowing her to go but does not have any first-hand knowledge of her involvement.

Because of the location of his office Detective Lt. Cecil Leon Brownfield, III, has never witnessed any interaction between Tebo and Rivers where either of them have raised their voices at each other.

Brownfield however could not recall the substance of any other raised voices because he “usually” leaves when they start arguing.  He has witnessed Rivers become emotional (upset) six or seven times.  He has witnessed Tomlinson become emotional the same number of times.   Brownfield has also witnessed Chief Rodriquenz and Tomlinson have “their spats” where they get “a little loud with each other” over billing issues.

Brownfield has, however, witnessed Rivers and Tomlinson raise their voices at each other on three or four occasions.  These interactions have concerned the Town’s billing practices.  Tomlinson raises her voice at Rivers and say a couple of cuss words like “damn” or “hell” as in the context of telling Rivers to “do her damn job”.

Brownfield has witnessed Rivers complain to Chief Rodriquenz in the past 90 days about Tomlinson smoking e-cigarettes, but has never personally witnessed her smoke in the office.

Brownfield also indicated that Chief Rodriquenz has told him that Rivers confides in her and has told her that Tomlinson has “mistreated her and cussed her out a few times”.

Brownfield is aware that Tebo denied Rivers the opportunity to attend (clerk) training and that Tomlinson was permitted to attend.  He witnessed a discussion with Tebo and Rivers where she was informed that she could not attend and became upset.

Tomlinson helped create Rivers’ position and was involved in the interview process and ranking; with former Town Manager Robert Farley (The heck Tomlinson developed anything.  There was always an admin but this time they required one who could handle sewer/water billings.  More lies)

Rivers was ranked the Top candidate.   Tomlinson describes her relations with Rivers as “fine”.  She denies having any “significant arguments” with Rivers.  Aside from the clerk training issue, Tomlinson is unaware of Rivers making any other complaints about her. 

Tomlinson admits that she did make the statement to Rivers “that is your damn job” out of frustration. She explains the statement was made only after Rivers had told her on repeated occasions that crediting customer utility payments was “not my job”.   Tomlinson denies that she raised her voice or threw papers, but admits that her statement to Rivers was “wrong”   Tomlinson also denies using any other profanities instead opting for “fiddle-dee-dee or dagnabbit” (But Tomlinson has used profanities against Joe Griffin and they were not that nice and Rivers witnessed them  Furthermore during Bob Farley’s Tenure a new computer program/software system was purchased.  This system was used by most municipalities but Pam refused to use it.  Instead, the only person using the system was Anita Rivers at the time she started.  Otherwise the thousands of dollars paid would be a waste.  Pam wished to remain in quick books but I still blame her for the mess-ups in Grant moneys versus general fund money and especially not realizing along with Heath that Hamilton County did send an invoice for Jewett Street, it stated invoice, and it was not paid to Hamilton county for two years.)

Tomlinson admits that she has smoked e-cigarettes in the office in the past and that Tebo has asked her to not do so.

Tomlinson has no knowledge of Rivers’ October 10, 2016 document regarding cash shortage.

Tomlinson has had citizens complain to her about Rivers’ facebook posts.  But she has not reported these complaints to Tebo.  Tomlinson claims that Tebo and Rivers’ relationship was “fine up until a few months ago”  Tomlinson believes that Rivers has “trouble taking instruction” personalizes it and then becomes very temperamental and “stops speaking to you”.  Yet Tebo also provided on August 22, 2016 a Facebook post from Rivers about the Town Movie Night which she received complaints about.  Rivers also contends that Tebo requested her to attend a “webinar for social media”.  Although she found the webinar helpful, she believed it was a “jab” at her by Tebo for her prior Facebook posts.

POLICE Chief Tracy Lee Rodriquenz has served as the Town’s police Chief since 2015.  (The investigation stated she is supervised by Tebo but the Council made it clear that only the Council controls the Police Department, not the Town Manager)

Rodriquenz witnessed Tomlinson tell Rivers “thois is your damn job” back in 2016.  She also noticed sporadic tension between Tomlinson and Rivers and Tebo and Rivers.  Lieutenant Brownfield has also come to Rodriquenz on several occasions about “screaming and yelling matches in the office.”

Tomlinson has yelled at Rodriquenz and used profanity a “couple of times in the past”  When Rodriquenz confronted her, she calmed down.    Since Tebo has been the Town Manager, Rodriquenz and Tomlinson have raised their voices at each other.



Andrew Greene, Public Utilities Director would not answer when Rivers called.  Detective Brownfield heard Rivers call Greene to no avail, so he called Greene and Greene answered Detective Brownfield’s call.  Detective Brownfield relaed the message Rivers had for Greene and Andrew said he would take care of the citizen concern.   Tebo never responded to River’s request as to who should be notified for Public Works complaints and problems until Kenny Hutcherson returns.

Rivers’ issues with Greene not communicating with her date back to April 30, 2014, well before Tebo started working for White Springs.  Rivers claims she contacted Bill Lawrence and told him that she had asked Greene to help her on several occasions with Levi Owens and she felt that “Andrew was trying to make her look bad in her job”. 

The first incident is where Rivers was attempting to contact Greene to service his uncles sewer that was backing up.  Greene answered his phone and stated “he would get to it”   Apparently Greene was unable to respond to his uncle’s service call that morning and his uncle called back asking if someone was coming to his residence.  Rivers attempted to contact Greene a couple of times but he did not answer.  Later that day, Greene’s uncle came to Town Hall and was furious about no one responding to his sewer problem.  While he was there, Rivers attempted to contact Greene a couple more times on the office phone, but he did not answer.   Evidently Cecil Brownfield was nearby and witnessed Rivers’ attempts to call Green.   Brownfield then called Greene on his cell phone and Greene immediately answered.   Later Rivers reported this incident to Tebo.

Rivers e-mails Greene and adds a read/receipt to confirm that he received her email; which she claims that Greene has blocked.  However she did state that Greene completes the work orders that she calls him to do.  But his failure to communicate with her sometimes results in him returning work orders with problems to Tomlinson or Tebo which could have been remedied by Rivers if he would have contacted her. Tebo sent Rivers an e-mail explaining Greene’s cell phone receiption challenges at the water/sewer plants, which Rivers perceived as “taking up for him”   Tebo instructed Rivers to communicate work orders to him through e-mails.   Rivers admits that the documents submitted that post-date her March 27, 2017 complaint are not related toher complaint, but may be evidence of retaliation.

Rivers indicated that after Tebo’s communication, the issue with Greene has been resolved so far.

When Rivers informed Tebo that she did not know how to do the rate changes, Tebp had Greeme come in and show her.  Since that time Rivers was able to change the garbage rates.

Lt. Detective Brownfield has witnessed Rivers complain “more than a dozen times” about Greene not returning her calls and doing what he wants.  These complaints have been ongoing for several years.He did not attribute Greene’s failure to answer Rivers attempts to be deliberate and has never heard Greene indicate that he was trying to avoid Rivers.

Greene claims a professional working relationship with Rivers, Tebo and Tolinson.  Greene moved offices from City Hall to the fire station.  Prior to that Greene’s office was in the front of City Hall where he could have conversations with Rivers, Tebo and Tomlinson.

Greene denies ever witnessing any inappropriate interactions between Rivers and Tebo. He has witnessed a “disagreement” between Rivers and Tomlinson relating to an audit and billing software but denies there were any raised voices or profanity involved.  Greene assumes that it was Rivers’ responsibility to update these rate changes, which had not been made for the past year, and resulted in customers being overcharged. (The Garbage rate went up so customers were not overcharged.  But the Town sold more water than the actual water usage which is another story)

He denies ever knowingly/intentionally failing to respond to Rivers’ e-mails, phone cals and/or text messages.  Greene claims that Rivers “would not speak or acknowledge him” and that all she would do to communicate with him is shake her head yes or no.

Greene further denies ever ignoring or mistreating Rivers.  He also has never witnessed Rivers be mistreated by any Town Employee or Council Member.

Fire Chief Kevin Pittman has experienced instances where he has attempted to text/telephone/e-mail Greene and had been unable to contact him.



When Tebo started as Town Manager, she had a good relationship with Rivers and she “seemed really helpful”   Rivers informed Tebo that she disliked Tomlinson and the former Town Manager Shirley Heath.   Tebo noticed that Chief Rodriquenz went to lunch with Rivers every day and that Rivers was very friendly to the police officers.  She also noticed there was a tension in the office that resulted in a division between Rivers and Rodriquenz on one side and Tomlinson and Greene on the other.  Consequently, Tebo attempted to bring the sides together through conversation.

Shortly, after Tebo started, however, Rodriquenz and Rivers stopped going to lunch together.  Tebo believes that former Mayor and current Council Member Helen Miller had something to do with it.Tebo witnessed Miller telephone Rivers every morning at 9:00 a.m. and have a long, friendly conversation with her.  Tebo also learned that Rivers and Council Member Tonja Brown were not friendly due to Rivers filing an ethics complaint against her.

Tebo claims that during her first week of employment Miller attempted to persuade jher to terminate Tomlinson.  Because Tebo does not ever follow M<iller’s suggestions, she believes that Miller does not like her.

In September 2016, Tebo received complaints about Rivers posting derogatory comments on her personal Facebook page from Mayor Rhett Bullard, Walter McKenzie and an elderly female citizen.  The posts concerned Rivers telling the “ungrateful people of White Springs” who receive food stamps to stop complaining because “Those of us who work for our groceries get nothing”.  Another post expressed her disdain for people “already sitting at home on welfare” and getting “more handouts” while she stated boils my @ss” Importantly, Rivers authorized these posts during work time 229 p.m.  OF COURSE TEBO KEEPS DATES LOL In March, 2017 Rivers authorized another Facebook post concerning golf carts not being allowed at the Town’s May Day celebration that people complained about.  Tebo sent her an e-mail on March 7, 2017 cautioning her from creating unnecessary conflict in the community through her posts.  Tebo, however, did not formally discipline Rivers for these posts.

Tebo also admits to authoring a sticky note that reads “Don’t talk about that in front of Anita”, although she does not recall giving the note to Brown.  She believes it was written in connection with a protest letter from Nicole and Bernard Williams concerning the demolition of Old Carver School.  Tebo claims that Nicole Williams and Rivers are best friends and “its possible” that she “probably said” Don’t talk about this in front of Anita” because she did not want her conversation with Brown to be communicated to Williams because she is so passionate about saving the Carver School Building.


While Tebo was on vacation on July  2016, Rivers e-mailed her a complaint about Tomlinson telling her “This is your damned job”.  Tebo had counseled Tomlinson before about using the word “Damn” and again reminded her to refrain from doing so.  She did not, however, show Tomlinson Rivers’ written complaint because she did not want to further damage their relationship.

Rivers also sent Tebo an e-mail regarding Tomlinson’s use of e-cigarettes.

Tebo admits she denied Rivers the opportunity to serve as a poll worker.  She said she did so because she had learned that a citizen had indicated that he would be challenging the election results (ANOTHER LIE: JOE GRIFFIN WOULD NOT CHALLENGE THE ELECTION RESULTS – HIS CONCERN WAS FOR AN APPLICANT WHO THE TOWN DISCRIMINATED AGAINST- MAINLY TOMLINSON)  .

As background leading up to Rivers’ instant complaint, Tebo theorizes that Rivers created it as a diversion to cover up her incompetency. Tebo brought up the two audits, a financial audit and an FDLE audit.  These two audits revealed several ares of non-compliance.  With respect to Rivers, the financial audit revealed that the Town has been overbilling its sewer customers for 17 months and underbilling its commercial garbage customers for a lesser period of time (THAT IS NOT WHAT WE HEARD.  WE HEARD THAT THE TOWN CHARGED FOR MORE WATER THAN WHAT WAS USED).  When this was discovered, Tebo asked Rivers about these issues and Rivers became very defensive and claimed she had never been trained on how to change these rates. Tebo contends that Rivers’ claim is false because she recalls Rivers and Tomlinson having a similar argument in April 2016 over the garbage rates.   Tebo also discovered that on April 6, 2016 Rivers changed the residential rates for garbage. Tebo believes Rivers’ excuse that she was not provided training to change the rates is false. Tebo claims that she was going to discipline Rivers for not making the sewer and garbage rate changes, but she filed the instant complaint deflecting her deficiencies before she could do so.

In addition to the audits, Rivers had taken off two days in March and as a result, late fees were not charged on certain customer accounts. Moreover, customers who paid their utility payments in cash for those days were not credited.  Accordingly, Tebo, Tomlinson and Greene bega checking customer accounts for discrepancies.  Tebo believes this was upsetting Rivers and recalls her making comments about “people checking behind me”.  (If she was off for two days, how could Rivers credit the accounts?)  On March 23rd, when Tebo requested that Rivers charge the late fees on the accounts, Rivers attempted to blame Tomlinson and stated loudly “You didn’t put the late fees on?” to Tomlinson.  Tomlinson then retorted that “nobody does payroll when I go off on vacation or take a day off.

Following this exchange, Rivers inquired how it was that everyone in the fire department knew of her conversation with Tomlinson.  When Tebo responded that it was probably because they were speaking very loudly to each other in front of Greene, Rivers responded with the following “I know who protects who around here.  I know who’s on whose team and who covers up for who”.   Tebo recalls her stating that she was on a “different team” and then leaving and slamming the door.  Tebo considered Rivers remarks to be disrespectful towards her.

On top of these issues, Tebo believes that Rivers was also upset about the upcoming elections and certain candidates not being able to qualify.  Tebo contends that these election issues which were motivated by Council Member Miller have caused Rivers to become very involved politically. Tebo recalls Rivers becoming so angry about candidate Richard Marshall’s election packet being disqualified (BECAUSE OF ONE DATE) THAT WHEN Tomlinson called to inform him that he was disqualified that Rivers stated “I hate a fucking liar”.   (By the way, Pam Tomlinson reviewed Marshall’s paperwork and advised him he qualified before contacting him that a date was missing on one of the sheets.  Richard could have had an hour to get the person to place a date on but no, Pam didn’t notice then but certainly found a way to keep Bullard, Jefferson and Brown together by ousting Marshall.  I still believe Tom Moore had more votes than Tonja Brown but Stacy and Pam were at the Polling Station.)

Tebo also claims that she could have disciplined Tomlinson for not checking behind Rivers to insure that these rate changes were made.  Tebo also admits that as the Town Manager, she bears some responsibility for these rates not being changed.  (YOU DAMNED RIGHT TEBO SHOULD TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.  SHE ANSWERS TO THE COUNCIL BUT SURE PUT ANITA UNDER THE BUS)

In conjunction with her testimony, Tebo provided various Facebook posts from Nicole Williams (Rivers’close friend and perhaps cousin) on the Town’s Facebook page encouraging people to vote for candidates challenging Bullard and Brown.  Some of these posts were openly critical of Bullard and Brown so Tebo changed the Facebook settings to allow her to vet posts before they could be viewed by the public..   Tebo claims that she then was informed by a citizen that Williams was counseling Rivers how to screenshot these posts so that she could allege a public records violation against Tebo.

Tebo said the Town’s IT administrator (Jason) was unable to assist rivers.  Tebo stated the Town’s IT Department is not responsible for the operation of the e-mail system.  (WHEN DID WE HAVE A TOWN I T DEPARTMENT?)  When Jason contacted Tebo about Rivers’ elp request, Tebo asked Rivers if she had sent in a help request.  When Rivers confirmed that she had made the request, Tebo asked Tomlinson to reset her password.



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