Stith wants to return the truck but is our old truck really that reliable? It wasn’t before

One Fire Departments newest pumper truck cost about $500,000 when it was purchased in 2012. The department is looking to add a similar pumper to its fleet. This time around it will cost an estimated$563,000 in 2015.

At the June meeting Chief Stith ran down  the new pre-used fire truck upside right and in between. The question was who decided to purchase the truck?   That should not be the question and here is why.

Fire trucks are expensive and Stith first complained about the turbo being installed to the truck at $4,000 which Kevin Pittman was blamed for by Stacy Tebo for spending $3,500 and what was a turbo?  Stith now says that the engine has to be pulled out to do other repairs which will cost $3,000.  He said we should return the truck back even though we spent $4,000 on it.

First of all our Town does not do a thing for the fire department who essentially are the last to receive any of the money of the budget.

Secondly Stith said our  old fire engine was better than the new pre-used fire engine.  But this is a problem.  This was the same fire engine that could not be started and could not be pushed to fight a fire at an antique shop across the road from the fire department.

I can see if  we had to spend another $15-20,000 to fix the pre-used fire engine that there may be question, but in consideration of the cost of new fire engines, it would be a buy.  $15,000 was a cheap price and we could not expect anything used to be perfect.  But what would be the problem of having two fire engines and if one doesn’t start another is available to use.  Spending another $3,000-5,000 on the pre-used fire engine is not a big whoop.  The amount then the fire department expended would be $20,000 total ($15,000 plus $5,000 in repairs is a small amount as compared to over $500,000 which we cannot afford).

Much of the maintenance done to the fire vehicles in the past was done by Kevin Pittman and his crew at their own expense.  This is disgraceful for the Town of White Springs to operate in this manner.

Furthermore White Springs does not care about their firefighters.  Jasper pays $25.00 per call.  I advised you what Marion County does.  But you would rather be as cheap as you can and treat volunteers as if they were dirt under your feet.

Yes I am angry at White Spring’s decisions.  They are not those which the Citizens desire.  And since the elected officials are to represent the citizens, these elected officials need to terminate the employment of Chief Stith and Andrew Greene and bring back our previous chief, Kevin Pittman and the brotherhood of firefighters.

Chief Stith only wants Century Ambulance in all of Hamilton County and we want a fire department as well so our homeowners premiums and our business premiums do not go through the roof again.  I am tried of paying for the Town to continually screw the citizens over.

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Here are some prices I have found…so White Springs you are lucky and Stith doesn’t know what he’s talking about.



$238,800.00 $218,000.00





1999 American LaFrance four (4) door enclosed rural pumper seats six (6) with five (5) SCBA seats in the air conditioned cab. It is powered by a Detroit Diesel 400HP engine and Allison automatic transmission and is equipped with a 1500 GPM certified fire pump, 1000 gallon poly tank, and has a pre-piped deck gun with a fog nozzle. Other features include front suction intake, front trashline discharge, LDH discharge, three (3) crosslays, two (3) sections of 6in. light weight hard suction hose, 24ft. and 14ft. aluminum ground ladders, Federal Q2N siren mounted on front bumper, warning lights and stainless steel wheel covers. The aluminum body has roll-up doors, high sides on the left side and low side compartments on the right and a large rear compartment with cord reel. Fresh DOT and a 2014 Pump Test. Asking $85,000. Contact 717-354-8106 to learn more about this used fire apparatus.


  • ALF Eagle Chassis
  • Detroit Diesel – 400 HP
  • 108,000 Miles
  • 1500 GPM Fire Pump
  • 1000 Gallon Poly Booster Tank
  • Pre-piped Deck gun
  • Front suction
  • ALF Aluminum Body
  • DOT Inspected
  • Pump Tested

Yes we can spend more money.  There is a pumper truck for sale for $36,000 but if we purchased it, how much in repairs would we have to spend?  Take a sure thing and fix it.!

Read the following article council members.  You will find it interesting



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  1. See here, the used truck we got is better then the truck we had.  It holds more water; has a bigger pump; and has passed a pump test which the old truck just barley passed the last time It was tested.  It probably won’t pass this go around.

    The used truck we knew needed some work to fix some problems it had and when we were in the department we had plans on fixing most of the problems ourselves to save the town money. The funny thing is that the shop southern truck told us the truck was well worth 15,000. 

    They even said we could sell it for more then 30,000.  They also said the problem with the oil leak was the timing chain cover and that it was not to bad to change but it would cost more in labor then anything because they charge like $35 an hour for labor so that is the reason we had planned on doing the work ourselves with a certified mechanic. The cost of the parts were about $150 yes the work would have taken a little while but it would have been fixed. So Steve can say what he wants but he is going to lie and say whatever he can to make himself look like the real big hero he ain’t. $15,000 for a truck that runs and drives ain’t bad. Hell if he is smart he might even look at what it would to trade both trucks in for a brand new one or look into a grant to get both trucks repaired an updated an brought into the 21st century. Just my thoughts and opinion.

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