Stith shows all the signs of deceit but could change this around for the good

It is a shame but we live in a world of deceit.  Especially when it comes to politics, you never know whether the person in front of you is lying or not.  But there is something which may help you, if the person in front of you has a conscious or rather shows he or she has a guilty conscious.

In order to justify their mistake; a guilty person will often turn a confrontation into a big scene by blaming others for their behavior. Take for instance the seven minute video on the condition of the Firehouse which probably was staged. This normally is the case with people who have bigger egos than brains and can’t accept that they are mortal beings just like others and mistakes can be made by them as well. Let’s take Steve Stith for instance, he shows this kind of behavior and has never learned to respect anyone but himself.  In order to avoid a guilt trip, Stith will leave no stone unturned to deny the mistake and place that mistake on the former firefighters.

One thing Steve Stith does is avoid eye contact which is a sign in itself that he cannot face the people who he has wronged.  The shame of having wronged someone and knowing that someone would be right in hating you is an extremely powerful emotion. As my grandmother told me, Eyes are the windows to one’s soul.

A guilty person will make lame and desperate comments, which Stith did at the last meeting relating even to the new pre-used fire engine. He is trying so hard to have people respect him but it is difficult when he has alienated everyone regarding the fire department.

Many times he brings up Tom Brazil at meetings to try and create the illusion that Tom is his friend and it is completely annoying.  He just can’t understand why Tom Brazil will not work for him.

The problem is that Steve Stith has dug himself into such a deep hole spewing lies about the former firefighters that it will remain difficult for him to get anyone in the area to work for him.

Not only does Stith avoid eye contact but he tries to avoid certain people in order not to be confronted.  It was not a matter of whether the firefighters under Kevin Pittman would be professional or not; we know they are.  But a guilty person like Stith had to avoid them because he did fear confrontation for good reason.  After all if the former firefighters did to him what he has done to them with the help of the town Stith would have surely confronted them so it frightens him as to when the winds will turn and they may do to him what he has done to them deceptively. His greatest enemy is fear which causes this behavior.  Instead of moving on in  life and learning from his mistakes he choses to live his life in misery.

So the situation becomes so big in the head of the guilty that it is almost impossible for them to think clearly anymore. In their heads, they have already been convicted and if not tended to at the right time, this can lead to hazardous mental problems.

Stith uses a common trait in order to save his own ass.  It may be one thing if he lied about eating someone else’s lunch but in his position the fact that he is dealing with other peoples funds is scary.For instance the fact that the former firegighters got a deal on the pumper truck did not set good with Mr. Stith; instead he had to complain of the costs and not the consideration that even with the cost of repairs, the pumper is still a great deal.  He has to be the best at everything and the fact that the previous chief and firefighters secured the truck so they could fix it and have a better, larger fire engine did not set well with Stith.

It is time Steve Stith tries to make his wrongs right to assure there is no bad blood left.  It is time to work with the former firefighters, resign as Chief and bring Kevin  Pittman in as chief.  Then Stith can work with the firefighters by bringing Century in and possibly allow a portion of the profits to go to our fire department.  Sorry may be the most difficult word in our language but it can bring a dead man alive.

Again Stacy Tebo needs to stay out of this because she made a huge mistake to begin with and doesn’t  give a damned about the people of White Springs.


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